Archero Ability Tier List (May 2022)

by SanzanoSep 15th 2021
Archero Ability Tier List
Archero Ability Tier List

Abilities in Archero are power-ups that can be obtained several ways, these include at the start of each chapter (providing you have the Glory Talent), whenever you level up your hero (you will be given the choice of three abilities), Lucky Wheel, Masters Blessing, angels, and The Devil. There are 4 elemental effects for abilities, and each will strengthen your hero in various ways, so you can defeat the enemies you encounter a lot easier through the stages. Our Archero Ability Tier List will help you to quickly determine which abilities are worth investing in.

SS Tier

- Attack Speed Boost
Increase attack speed by (25% of base attack speed)

- Extra life
Another life to revive when you get killed. You also gain 2 seconds of invincibility after the revival.

- Front Arrow
Fire an additional parallel arrow with -25% damage.

- Invincibility Star
Become invincible for 2 seconds every 10 seconds.

- Multishot
Fire one more shot immediately after the first shot (-15% attack speed, -10% damage).

- Rage
Attack Damage increasing proportionally while losing HP (x% HP lost increases damage by x%).

- Ricochet
All of your shots bounce to the nearby enemies, up to 3 times. Damage reduced by 30% per bounce, applied before hitting the targets.

- Slow Projectile
Slow all enemy shells.

S Tier

- Agility
Dodge increasing proportionally while losing HP.

- Attack Boost (Major)
Increase damage by (30% of the base damage).

- Bouncy Wall
Your shots bounce off walls. Damage reduced 50% after the bounce.

- Crit Master
Crit Damage and Crit Chance increased by 20%.

- Diagonal Arrows
Fire 2 additional arrows diagonally forward to the left and right.

- Dodge Master
Your Dodge Chance increased by 20%.

- HP Boost
Increases HP by (20% of base max HP).

- Piercing Shot
Your arrow passes through all of the enemies. Damage dealt on the 2nd target reduced by 33%.

- Wingman
Your spirits work as the shield, can block projectiles for you.

A Tier

- Blaze
- Bolt
- Bolt Strike
- Dwarf
- Fire Strike
- Headshot
- Poison Touch
- Rear Arrow
- Shield Guard
- Toxic Strile

B Tier

- Bloodthirst
- Fire Circe
- Freeze
- Frost Strike
- Fury
- Grace
- Holy Touch
- Poison Circle
- Side Arrows
- Strong Heart

C Tier

- Bolt Circle
- Chilling Blast
- Fire Sword
- Ice Circle
- Poison Sword
- Shadow Clone
- Summon One Eyed Bat

D Tier

- Blazing Meteor
- Blazing Star
- Bolt Meteor
- Bolt Star
- Bolt Sword
- Death Bomb
- Death Nova
- Frost Meteor
- Frost Star
- Giant
- Ice Sword
- Smart
- Spirit Attack Boost
- Spirit Attack Speed
- Spirit Blaze
- Spirit Bolt
- Spirit Crit Boost
- Spirit Diagonal Arrow
- Spirit Freeze
- Spirit Front Arrow
- Spirit Multi Shot
- Spirit Poisoned touch
- Through the Wall
- Toxic Meteor
- Toxic Star
- Water Walker


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