Archero Spirits (Pets) Tier List (June 2023)

by SanzanoSep 15th 2021
Archero Spirits (Pets) Tier List
Archero Spirits (Pets) Tier List

In Archero spirits are pets that fly around you and attack the enemy. Spirits can be leveled up to become more powerful and can help you considerably during the game by dealing damage and even taking down enemies on its own. There are several spirits from which to choose from, and this Archero Spirits (Pets) Tier List will ensure that you choose the best one to use and level up. You will be able to find each of these spirits in Obsidian or Golden Chests in one of four different classes; Common, Great, Rare and Epic.


SS Tier: Laser Bat

Undoubtably the best spirit you can use in Achero, the Laser Bat is able to deal plenty of damage with a powerful laser and inherits some of your own attack. The laser beam can also penetrate through walls and obstacles to hit enemies behind the enemy it's attacking.

S Tier: Flaming Ghost

Although when compared to the Laser Bat this spirit is not quite as powerful, it still deals plenty of splash damage and is just as effective in a room with multiple enemies.

A Tier: Elf

The Elf deals average damage but is unable to pierce enemies. It can however be useful when fighting bosses.

B Tier: Scythe Mage

This spirit is particularly useful in rooms with a lot of enemies, the scythe it wields is able to deal solid splash damage which can really add up and make it an effective damage dealer. The downside to this spirit is that walls and obstacles will block the scythe and it has a tendency to miss with its attacks.

C Tier: Noisy Owl

This spirit is not much use and should only be used if you don't have the top two on this list leveled up far enough. The big downside to this spirit is if you use a slower weapon it will make you miss shots.

D Tier: Living Bomb

Aside from its bombs and being able to hit enemies behind walls this spirt is basically useless. This spirit will also cause you to get hit more often which is why it is at the bottom of this list.

Best Spirit Combinations

In Archero you can only take two spirits into battle with you. Ideally you would want to take two Laser Bats but to get one let alone two to a high level would mean investing a lot of time into the game. If this is not possible for whatever reason then you should consider a Laser Bat + Flaming Ghost or Elf.

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