Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 1

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
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Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Guide
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Chapter 1

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku. This is another case for Detective Kate Grey.

Chapter 1 - Invitation to Dine

The first chapter begins with a short tutorial section to get you used to the game so you will get prompts with instructions. You find yourself stranded outside a large manor house.

Chapter 1

Collect the highlighted letter 'I' from the ground on the right. Then place this on the top of the gate to complete the word WICKHAM.

Chapter 1

You can now collect a key from the wall on the left.

Use this on the gate to open the padlock. Then tap the gate to open it and then again to enter the grounds.

Chapter 1

Pick up the three stars from the ground, and one more from the window to the left.

Then tap he door to go inside.

Chapter 1

After the introductions you need to solve a puzzle to set the dinner table
Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Hint: Follow the instructions to find the best places for each of the name cards.
Solution: Chapter 1Show

The power goes out, and then there were 6. Mike is dead.

You move to the hall.
Chapter 1

Star: on the stairs.

Open the drawer of the unit on the left of the stairs and collect a key

Use the key on the white doors to the left then tap to enter the basement.
Chapter 1

Star: on the window top right.

Collect the hammer from the ground and the red wire.

Open the 2 drawers on the unit below the furnace. Collect the blue wire and the screwdriver.
Also collect the star from the right drawer.

Use the hammer to break the 3 boxes on the left. Collect 2 more wires and the 2 extra stars.

On the top of the unit is a paper. Tap to view this for a clue.
Chapter 1

Now use the screwdriver on the fuse box on the wall to open it.
Chapter 1

We now have a puzzle to solve to fix it.
Hint: Add the 4 wires you have to begin the puzzle. Check the paper for the clue.
Solution: ROYGBIV stands for the colors. Red orange yellow, etc. Match the colors to the numbers on the paper. Red = 1, orange = 1, Yellow = 3, Green = 2, Blue = 4, Indigo = 3, and Violet = 4.Show

Tap the stairs to go back up and then the doors on the right to enter the dining room again.

This completes chapter 1, move on to chapter 2.

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