Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 7

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
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Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Guide
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Chapter 7

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 7 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku.

Chapter 7 - The Wickham Legacy

In chapter 5 and chapter 6 we worked our way through the garden to the cemetery and found that Lloyd has also been murdered. Now back to the house to finally meet Mr Wickham.

Chapter 7

2 Stars: on the wall above the doors on the right, and on the floor to the left of the stairs.

Open the door upstairs and then go through.
Chapter 7

First tap on the red curtain to open it and collect an Axe from behind.
Then tap the open door to go into the next room.

Chapter 7

Star: in the pocket of the pool table.

Place the axe on the other hand of the Suit of armor and collect a star. Note the butterfly inside the helmet

Open the 3 doors on the cabinet.
Star: left door.
Collect a key from the right.
Chapter 7

Tap on the middle deer to break off a piece of the antler. Collect it.

Go back to the first room and use the key to open the drawer of the desk.
Collect a bottle of vinegar.
Star: in the drawer

Use the antler on the vent on the right (sparkling) to collect a gear
Now tap on the clock on the desk for a puzzle.
Chapter 7

Hint: Place the gear with the others and solve the puzzle. You need to match up the teeth / colors of the gears.
Solution: Chapter 7Show
Once done you can view a clue.
Chapter 7

Use the vinegar on the painting of the woman to loosen the hinges. This reveals a locked safe.
Chapter 7

Hint: The clue from the clock shows 4 items. You can find these items in the 2 rooms.
Solution: Count up the number of pool balls, butterflies, animal heads, and swords. Check carefullyShow
Code: 6948Show
You will get some stars.

Inside the safe
Chapter 7
Star: on the top shelf.

Tap to view the torn up paper on the left. This is another puzzle.
Chapter 7

Rearrange the pieces to complete it.
Chapter 7Show

Now you need to tap on the book shelf on the right for a new puzzle.
Chapter 7

Hint: Tap pairs of books to swap them, place them in the right order.
There is a paper on the top right that contains a clue.
Solution: match the books to the ones on the diagram and add the numbers from the book to the matching drawing. Eg: the red book has rthe number 6 and the diagram shows the matching spine design with the number 3. These equal 9 as the value for that book.
Then arrange the books in ascending order by the total numbers.
Chapter 7

The bookcase moves to reveal a secret door. Tap to move through to the bedroom to find Will and his father.
Chapter 7

This completes chapter 7. Continue to Chapter 8.

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