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Chapter 8

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 8 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku.

Chapter 8 - A House Divided

In chapter 7 we have found out killer, Will. But now he has set the room on fire to kill us and his father.

Chapter 8

Star: bottom left on the floor.

Tap to open the drawer drawer and collect the duct tape. Then use it to fix the sparking machine next to the bed.

Tap on the machine to view it for a puzzle. Tap to start it.

Chapter 8

Hint: You need to tap the buttons on the colored liquids as the colored orbs enter the grey area on the left side of the screen. Get enough right and Lord Wickham is revived.

Chapter 8

Tap on the yellow bed cover nearest you to move it and find a bucket to collect.

Chapter 8

Place this in the bathroom and tap the Taps on the bath to fill it with water.

Collect the bucket and pour the water on all of the flames.

Tap the door to leave the room. You will enter the garage.

Chapter 8

2 Stars: On the right above the yellow car. Higher on the ceiling above the green car.

Tap on the left to view the tool cabinets.

Collect spare wheel. Open the drawer on the left to collect a crowbar and a pump. Collect the red Gasoline canister from the top.

Take note of the designs on the wall.

Chapter 8

Tap to view the locked drawer on the right.

Chapter 8

Hint: the clue is above.



Count the number of sections in each of the circles on the wall above.




Collect the Engine part. And another Star

Back up and use the crowbar to open the trunk of the blue car.

Chapter 8

Put the engine part in. Close the trunk.

Tap the gas tank cover and pour the gas in.

Place the spare wheel at the front where there is a wheel missing.

Finally use the tire pump on the back right tire.

Chapter 8

Tap inside the car to view the locked glove compartment. This is a puzzle.

Chapter 8

Hint: there are 3 colors and 3 other cars.



get the numbers on the red, green and yellow cars. 793

You now get the car key. Use it on the car ignition to complete the chapter.

Move on to chapter 9.

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