Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 9

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
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Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Guide
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Chapter 9

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 9 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku.

Chapter 9 - Fallen

In chapter 8 we discovered our killer and then saved Lord Wickham. Now we go to the old windmill to get help and Stop the killer from escaping.

Chapter 9

Stars: On the ground to the left and on the lower window on the right.

Tap on the telephone. To find a puzzle. You need to fix the switchboard.
Tap the paper on the left to view the hints for solving this.
Chapter 9

Solution: Chapter 9Show

You call for help then Will will appear
Chapter 9

Tap the rock on the floor to collect it.
Tap the screen to throw the rock.
Chapter 9

Solution: You cannot hit will with the rock. Aim for the windmill’s sail as it passes.
Once you hit it correctly it falls and knocks Will out.
You have solved the case and completed the game.
Chapter 9

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