Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 5

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
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Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Guide
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Chapter 5

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku.

Chapter 5 - The Night Garden

In chapter 4 we investigated the guest rooms, to discover that they are all related. Now we are looking for more clues in the garden.

Chapter 5

3 Stars: On the shed roof top left. Top center by the tree .Also on the ground to the right of the wheelbarrow.

Collect a metal disc from the wheel barrow.
Then tap to enter the shed.

Chapter 5

Collect another metal disc from the bench, then also collect the broom on the right and a green rag on the left.

Under the rag is a music box / piano keyboard. There is a score above, play the piece of music on the keys.
Chapter 5

If you do not read music then you can do this with trial and error as it will tell you when you hit the correct notes.
The music box opens and you can collect another metal disc.

Use the rag on the mirror to wipe it clean. You can then see a clue,
Chapter 5Show

Exit the shed and tap to view a box on the side of the shed. This is a puzzle.
Chapter 5

Hint: tap each of the 4 corners to change the symbols.
Solution: follow the clue in the mirror. the symbols are inverted
Chapter 5

Once opened collect a fourth metal disc.

Now use the broom on the cobwebs covering the gate to clear them.
Tap the gate to view a lock puzzle.
Chapter 5

Add the 4 discs to it to start
Chapter 5
Hint: rotate the 4 rings to complete the picture.
Solution: Chapter 5Show

Once done you can tap the gate to go through.
This completes Chapter 5. move on to chapter 6.

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