Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 3

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
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Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Guide
More Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Chapter 3

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This is our full walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor, another great escape room game from Haiku. This is another case for Detective Kate Grey.

Chapter 3 - A Host of Trouble

After finding the poison in Chapter 2, we now move on through the rest of the house to investigate the other guests.
Chapter 3

Star: in the cobweb top right.

To begin we need to solve the puzzle on the wall ahead. To complete the picture you can select pairs of tiles to swap their positions.
Chapter 3

Solution: Chapter 3Show

Once solved you reveal some more doors. Go through to the secret room.
Chapter 3

Stars: Top shelf by the door. Also on the floor under the bed.

Collect the Ladder, and then also the battery from the floor.
Collect the Yellow Flask from the shelves and view the diagram to the left of it with details for Rubbing Alcohol.
Chapter 3

Open the top drawer in the chest on the left and collect an orange flask. Also tap to view the photo on the wall to the right.
Chapter 3

Go back out to the hallway. Use the ladder on the left wall and once placed tap to collect the green flask from the top shelf.

Return to the secret room and use all three liquids on the empty bottle on the shelf to get rubbing alcohol.

Go back to the hallway and use the rubbing alcohol on the small unit on the left. The drawer opens to find a flashlight. You need to add the battery to it and you then collect it

Tap on the carpet to lift it and find a puzzle.
Chapter 3

Hint: slide the pieces around to move them to the edges so that you can access the box in the center.

Once uncovered use the flashlight to see the clue in the hole. Collect the key puzzle paper.

Return to the secret room and view the board of keys on the left.
Chapter 3

Add the puzzle paper to the board on the right and use this clue to solve the puzzle and collect the guest room key.
Chapter 3

Hint: you need to arrange the keys to match the clue paper and collect the pone marked in red.
Solution. Place the keys so that the numbers add up in rows and columns as show on the paper.
Chapter 3

Exit the room with the key and you can now unlock the guest room on the right.

Enter the room to complete the chapter. Move on to chapter 4.

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