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Resetting the Game

Resetting the Game
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Resetting the game is the key to amassing vast fortunes of untold wealth in AdVenture Capitalist. After each reset your wealth multiplier will increase allowing you to start the game earning more money than previously and you will soon be at the level before the restart with the potential to earn much more, and of course now you would have earned some Angels too.

However, timing your reset is important too as you don't want to do it if you don't earn many Angels.

On some sites on the net they recommend making your first restart with 100 Angels, however I'd be inclined to wait for 1,000 angels more or less before your first restart.

Perhaps leave the game overnight before making your first reset.

After you have reset your game, you are basically starting over from the beginning but with the Angels you have earned throughout the game. All the upgrades and managers that you purchased previously will have to be purchased again. But literally after a few resets you'll find that you are back to your previous earning capacity within minutes.

Our top tip here is to make sure that you purchase all the cash upgrades and managers as they become available. Don't worry too much about what businesses you invest in either, at this point in the game you really just want to be spending your money as fast as you can... On anything. The resetting.

Soon you'll find you can literally reset the game every few minutes and get back to where you were in no time, but with tons of angels.

Spend your angels too, they will help with upgrades and in turn you'll earn more angels when you restart your game. However, for your next reset, make sure you will recoup all of the angels that you spend during that phase of the game.

In AdVenture Capitalist you really do have to spend money to make money! Don't be a hoarder - Buy everything!!!

How to Know When to Reset

A good rule of thumb that I use to decide when to reset the game is to wait until the buying options start to slow down. Initially when you restart your game you'll be able to buy hundreds of each business in no time at all (after a few restarts), however after some time the amount you can purchase slows down a lot, at this point, consider restarting.


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