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Angel Investors

Angel Investors
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One question which we get asked a lot is What are Angel Investors?, and Should I Use my Angels? Hopefully the answers to these questions will be clear by the time you get to the bottom of this page!

What are Angel Investors?.
After you have made a lot of money in the game, you will see an orange light on the 'Investors' tab.

If you click it, you will see the amount of Angel Investors that you will get if you reset your current game. That means you start again from zero (just keeping the Angels) but with your multipliers increased to allow you to make more profit than before, quicker.

The Angel Investors also unlock extra bonuses that can only be purchased with these guys, and are the key to getting vast fortunes super quickly.

Should I use my Angels

Yes, definitely, you should always spend the Angels that you have earned in the previous round - It doesn't really matter what on, just whatever is available. You will get more Angels that you had before the previous reset in no time at all after you make the next reset.

Check the Investors tab and watch your Angels exchange rate rise. After your first few resets, this number will rise very rapidly.

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