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Best Business on the Moon

Best Business on the Moon
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After you have unlocked the moon (See our Getting Started Guide), you'll find there are a heap more businesses that become unlocked.

Some are better than others, and you should upgrade them all to unlock the special bonuses that may effect total profits. But there is one business that stands out as the best profit earner to me and that is the Oxygen Bar.

In fact while playing and getting to 720 Oxygen bars it gave me the award of multiplying Oxygen Bar profits by a whopping 4,444x !!!

So, while you do need to upgrade all businesses on The Moon, often it will be best to check out which businesses are making the most money for you in relation to the time it takes for the profits to come in each time, and a lot of the time, the Oxygen Bar will be the best.

Another stand out business on The Moon is the Werewolf Colony. It is really difficult to get the profit time down as it is such as expensive business, but it is one that can almost rival the Oxygen Bar for performance.


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