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How to Get Free MegaBucks

How to Get Free MegaBucks
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Watching Ads

The easiest and best way to get free MegaBucks in Adventure Capitalist is the watch out for the free ads. In Earth mode, check the offers on the right of the screen, sometimes there is an offer to watch an add for something for free. Sometimes that free offer is MegaBucks and is an easy way to collect 3 MegaBucks for watching a 30 second ad.

Completing Unlocks

Completing unlocks is also a great way to get free MegaBucks. Check the 'Unlocks' tab and see what you need to do. It's not obvious which ones are associated with free MegaBucks, but if you just work your way through as many as you can. Especially the ones associated with 'Everything' - So you bring all businesses to a certain level to complete the unlock - Are the best ones to go for to try to get MegaBucks.

Apart form that you can just make currency exchanges in the 'Adventures' tab, but it's a long process!

If anyone knows other great ways to get free MegaBucks, please let us know in the comments below.

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