Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

Campaign Mode and Extra Modes
Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter Guide

Campaign Mode and Extra Modes

The heart of Zombeast’s gameplay is through the different missions that you can complete in the game’s Campaign mode. Here, you’ll be challenging yourself by going through the start where you complete your basics, and then you’ll need to finish succeeding missions after as you unlock more along the way.

New Enemy types will appear, and you’ll also gain access to new weapon unlocks depending on the missions that you have completed. You can then focus yourself by getting stronger by upgrading your weapons, as well as Skills in order to reach as far as you can. In this guide, we’ll discuss the Campaign mode’s mechanics, rewards, and more.

Energy Requirements

Before starting out your campaign missions, you should familiarize yourself first with energy. Campaign missions let you play in exchange for certain energy requirements which can be found on the lower right side of a mission’s details. The Energy symbol is shown as a coffee cup icon beside the “Next” button.

The number of required Energy will be dependent on each mission, and this can increase as you go further in the game. Mission 1 will require 5 energy, and it will have a slow increase after. By default, you have a total of 30 Max Energy, and you can double this amount by activating Premium for your game.

Zombeast Energy
Zombeast Energy

You can also gain Energy by watching an ad, and you’ll have a limited number of views to get energy in exchange. You can check more by clicking the energy icon on the upper left side of the Campaign screen with the coffee cup icon. Aside from these, energy can be obtained from rewards when leveling up your account, as well as letting time pass in order to get your energy back.

Campaign Mission Tasks

There are a lot of missions that you’ll be able to play in the game. Once you finish the Basics from mission 1, you can complete up to over 100 missions, and more are added through updates. Even though it seems a lot, all missions follow the same patterns where you’re provided with three tasks, which provide a star rating each.

Campaign Mode
Campaign Mode

You can have a maximum of 3-Stars for a mission rating, as long as you complete the mission’s objectives. This is listed before starting the mission, and they can be activities such as reaching an area, killing Enemies with a specific weapon, killing a number of zombies, blowing up zombies, getting double kills, and more. You can review all of the missions on hand before starting the Campaign, so you’ll be able to prepare which weapons and items you can bring.

Mission Tasks
Mission Tasks

Mission Rewards

So what will happen if you get a 3-Star Rating? The Campaign mode is your main source of money, as well as Diamonds. You have the option to watch an Ad in the end in order to get double rewards, or you can have premium activated in order to disable ads and get extra rewards.

Rewards Screen
Rewards Screen

Aside from money and diamonds, some weapons can be unlocked once you complete specific missions. For example, you can get shotguns, machine guns, and more once you have completed a mission number. Unlocking them will let your weapons be available for purchase. We have created a guide to show you the unlock requirements on the following page:

Note: First time clear rewards provide a higher amount of money. Once you have completed a specific mission, repeating it after will provide less rewards.

Skill Rating and Stage Types

In the game’s campaign mode, there’s a skill rating based on your completion of missions. On the upper left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find your skill rating below your energy bar. This refers to your completed missions, as well as star rating for the missions that you have completed so far.

Skill Rating and Stage Types under Missions
Skill Rating and Stage Types under Missions

How many missions are there?: Since this is a mobile game, updates are added in order to provide more content. This includes Campaign missions; therefore, it can still be updated. As of December 15,2020, there are 170 missions that you can complete. This can still change in the future so take note of this.

With many missions, you’ll notice that not only are mission tasks vary but the stages follow a pattern as well where they show their Location + Time of Day/Ambience. You can see this in the Campaign’s map, just below the mission number.

Locations: City, Bystreets, Subway, Forest, Industrial, Avenue
Time of Day/Ambience: Morning, Evening, Day, Night, Dark, Rain, Fire,

Extra Modes

What happens if you’re able to complete the campaign missions, is there anything else that you can do in this game? If you check the campaign section, you’ll find some extra modes through a button on the right side, this provides you with different features that you can complete in order to get more rewards for Gold.

Zombeast Extra Modes
Zombeast Extra Modes

What makes these modes unique is that they have a Mutator feature. These can provide special conditions for your zombies, for your character, as well as your guns. This provides varieties in your challenges since it can increase a Speed of a zombie, lower your Health, or you can get random effects such as increased damage.
Some extra modes are still in development. But there are three available ones that you can access as follows:

Hell on Earth: These are 20 levels with very strong zombies that you can complete. It has an “Impossible” difficulty rating so it’s considered an end-game section. Completing each level provides you with 4000 money as well as 10 Diamonds each.

Premium: As the name implies, it’s a mode for premium players. It lets you complete 10 levels each of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impossible difficulties. Each level is random in terms of your weapons, Enemies, etc. because of the Mutator feature. The total levels you can complete are 40 when combined, and they each provide 2000 money as rewards.

Zombies: This is a challenge mode that lets you fight each zombie type in the game. For every zombie type, there ae three levels that you can complete. You’re provided with challenges where your damage, Speed, and Health can increase and decrease depending on the level. All stages here provide you with 2000 money as rewards.

If you wish to increase the rewards that you can get, you can get the Premium feature in the game. This will remove your ads, and provide bonuses for the items that you can claim. If you finished all modes in the Campaign, you can even check the Endless Mode feature if you want to compete in rankings.

We shall be providing you with more guides in detail, so please don’t forget to check the menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have Tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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