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Skills Guide

Skills Guide
Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter Guide

Fighting through hordes of zombies and using different weapons help you finish missions, but your killing power can only take you so far. There are other methods of getting stronger in the game aside from doing weapon upgrades only, and this is where your skills come in. Skills let your character improve their strengths by choosing different areas of your character that they can improve on.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing about the different kinds of skills that are available in the game. You might be wondering as well which ones you would like to focus on first since you can level up skills based on how much resources you have. So, let’s get started!

Accessing your Skills

The skills page can’t be found in the game’s home screen since it’s hidden under one of the menus. In order for you to check which skills you have; you’ll be able to access this section by checking the Weapons Menu and then clicking on the Skills button on the lower left side.

Zombeast Skills
Zombeast Skills

From here, you’ll be able to find four stats that you can level up such as Health, Armor, Speed, and Aiming. These skills have upgrade requirements such as money, diamonds, and skill points which you must save up on. So, what do these skills do for your character?

Health: As seen on the screenshot, this increases your health points. If you increase your health, you’ll be able to survive longer in each mission. Stronger enemies wait ahead in later missions, and each hit from them can take you out faster. If you maximize your health, you’ll be able to prolong your survival and take more hits.

Armor: This increases your armor points, and you’ll notice that it requires diamonds as well for upgrades. Armor is a consumable item that lets you have a secondary health bar. This will let you take hits where the armor points are deducted first before your actual health, therefore you’ll be able to withstand more damage.

Speed: Increases your forward speed so you can finish the mission faster by reaching the required distance. Similar to armor, this skill requires diamonds to upgrade. There may be some missions where you’ll need to blow up opponents, and you’d want to get in range of the explosive drums fast, so having good speed can be beneficial.

Aiming: This will lessen the time until you land a critical shot. Whenever you are targeting opponents, your reticle can turn green in order to provide you with the best power possible when firing. Critical shots can help reduce the time it takes to take down your opponents, so increasing this skill will help you land them more often.

How can you acquire Skill Points?

You know that Money and Diamonds can be acquired from completing missions in the game, but how about Skill Points? Are these available in the regular missions as well? There are two methods of acquiring skills in Zombeast, and they are as follows:

Base Achievements and Daily Missions: If you click on the Gold Star icon on the upper left side of the screen, this will bring you to the Base. Here you’ll be able to view different activities that you can do in order to complete and gain EXP. The EXP is used to level up your account as shown on the meter above, and the final reward that you can claim are Skill Points.

Base Interface
Base Interface

You can keep claiming your achievements and daily missions and pile up the EXP. Each level up will require you to claim all of your rewards for your level, so your Skill Points will stack up. Activating the VIP Bonus lets you get increased EXP, making leveling up much faster so you can acquire more skill points.

Daily Gifts: The second way for you to claim Skill Points is by claiming your daily gifts. From the game’s main menu, you’ll have to click the Free Bonus & Shop Section. You’ll see gifts listed that you’ll have to claim, and they will all activate a timer. Once the timer completes, you’ll be able to claim the gift and then move on to the next timer. The final timer will provide you with skill points, and this will have a 1-hour timer before you can claim it.

Skill Points can be acquired as the last Daily Gift
Skill Points can be acquired as the last Daily Gift

Which Skills should you focus on?

So which skills are best to focus on first? There are four skills with different upgrade requirements such as money, diamonds, and skill points. Eventually, you’ll be able to get all of them once you reach level 100+ in your missions. Since two skills require money at the beginning, and not Diamonds, then you’ll want to focus on those first.

Suggested Skill order: Health > Aiming > Armor > Speed

Increasing your overall health is necessary in order for you to withstand more damage, and it doesn’t require diamonds for your upgrades. Aiming lets you land critical shots easier which will let you take down opponents faster, so you won’t have to get hit often. The last skills are Armor and then Speed, they are situational if you need to use consumables, or if you need to walk faster. Saving up your Diamonds for other things such as weapons can be better as well if that’s your choice.

Combining your skills with your weapon upgrades will help you clear through your missions faster, and you’ll be able to challenge yourself by playing the game’s other modes such as Endless Mode. If you have maximized your skills and weapon upgrades, you can even try taking on the Leader Board.

We hope that this guide has helped you with learning about the skills in the game. We shall be providing you with more guides in detail, so please don’t forget to check the menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have tips and tricks that you can share as well!

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