Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

Explosives and Consumables Guide
Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter Guide

Explosives and Consumables Guide

Are weapons and your Skills the only things you need when clearing missions in Zombeast? There must be other items as well that can help you with your offense as well as your survival, right? Thankfully, there are other items in the game as well that you can take into missions. These are explosives, as well as Consumables. So how do they work?

Before starting Campaign missions, you get to choose two weapons from your inventory. The other items you can bring are your choice of explosives, as well as two Consumable items. So, let’s talk more about them in this guide.

How do you unlock all Explosives and Consumables?

When preparing your items before a campaign mission, you’ll have the weapons tab available where you can choose two specific choice of your weapons. There’s also a tab for explosives as well as consumables on the right side of the weapons, and not all of them are available for your use.

Complete until Mission 33
Complete until Mission 33

In order to get access to all of them, you will need to play until Campaign Mission 33. You’ll be unlocking the other items along the way but not all of them need to be used immediately, so save the money you earn first. Some of these items can be obtained through the rewards system in your Achievements section.


When starting out in the game, you’ll get access to a basic grenade called the Explo-3 and it’s part of the game’s tutorial. You have limited ammo available and there may be times where zombies will come in and come in hordes. Not all guns can take them out at once since they don’t have spread capabilities. This is where explosives come in, they provide you with area damage by tossing a grenade.

Zombeast Explosive Choices
Zombeast Explosive Choices

Another Explosive can be unlocked once you complete Mission 19 in the game, and this is the Explo-9. It’s a stronger version of the Explo-3 in terms of damage. Take note though, that no matter which explosive you choose, you can only have up to 5 in your inventory.

When do you bring explosives? You might want to save your explosives and use it when needed, so you might wonder what’s the best time to choose this item? You can bring this item if you have missions that require you to “Blow up” zombies. Or you can bring them if there are hordes of Enemies in your way that can be quite overwhelming.


Aside from explosives, you can bring up to two items from consumables in a mission. These items can be purchased using money or diamonds, so you might want to only bring them if you need it in a mission. All consumables are unlocked once you reach mission level 33, and most of them are unlocked by mission level 17.

Zombeast Consumables Choices
Zombeast Consumables Choices

So, what are Consumables exactly? There are different kinds of items with varying effects that can be used here, and you even have the choice of not bringing items. Consumables are items that provide you with Bonus effects for 1 specific mission run, think of it as buffs that can help your character. Here are the Consumable items available, as well as their uses:

Armor: This provides you with additional defense on top of your current Health. So, if you choose to bring armor for a mission, there’s going to be an additional health bar in form of armor that will be deducted first before it touches your health. This is helpful if you have Enemies that hit really hard, and can kill you in 1 hit.

Self-Repairing Armor: Similar to regular armor, this Consumable item lets you gain additional Health on top of your regular one. However, the difference for this consumable is that the additional health gets restored over time. This increases your survivability, but it costs diamonds, so only get it if it’s really needed.

Gas Mask: This item is available to protect you from one specific Enemy, and it’s “Toxic” Fat Zombies. These are the huge fat zombies that have a green color and have toxic fumes. If you’re near these fumes, you can get damaged just being near it. Even if you kill the Toxic fat zombies, they still have the gases that can damage you. Wearing a Gas Mask will help protect you as you pass by.

Hiding Coat: The hiding coat protects you from zombies by removing your visibility to them. Being hidden is useful if you have Enemies that are very fast and likely to take you out in a few hits. If you use a hiding coat, you can kill them from afar without them detecting you immediately. This is also useful if you combine It with a Sniper Gun as well since your enemies won’t be able to check where you are.

Stimulants: This is the final item that you an unlock for Consumables. They provide you with a buff that can help your survival in the field since it increases your stats. Combining stimulants with Armor can help you stay longer and it’s useful for missions on later levels.

Should I always bring Explosives or Consumables?

Your weapons and skills are very important since they determine your overall success rate during a mission. Money is used to upgrade your weapons and skills, while explosives and consumables also cost money. It’s better if you focus on upgrading your weapons and skills first, and only use the others when needed.

Remember, you can get these items by leveling up your account through Achievements and Daily Missions. Once you run out of Consumables, only purchase them when needed. You can look at the game’s Bestiary for more information about your Enemies, so using the proper weapons can help a lot as well.

We hope that your Explosives and Consumables Guide has helped you with these items. We shall be providing you with more guides in detail, so please don’t forget to check the menu on the right-hand side. You can also head to our Answers Page if you want to submit a question of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you also have Tips and tricks that you can share as well!


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