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Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Each Level in Monopoly GO!

Updated: Apr 19th 2024

Many people want to know how much it costs to completely build out a whole level in Monopoly GO! As you know the amount it takes usually increases as you progress through a level, so keeping track of exactly how much you need can be a bit tricky. With the help of our visitors, we've created a Monopoly GO! levels list which you can find below to record the cost of completing levels in the game.

With the release of the Heartfelt Happiness season, it looks like board costs may have been updated again and we would go for an x112 of the cost of the first landmark build instead of x100 as was previously. Please read on for complete details.

Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Each Level in Monopoly GO!
Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Each Level in Monopoly GO!

Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Each Level in Monopoly GO!

Players like to know how much it takes to build a level completely as they may not want to build anything in their new landmark until they have enough to complete the whole level. This means they can't get attacked and have to waste resources fixing buildings.

While on the other hand, having a large money account in Monopoly GO! Does mean you are open to getting raided in large bank heists if you are unlucky. We were hit for over a billion ourselves!

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Creating a Monopoly GO! levels list and working out the cost of each level in in the game is a big job and we can't do it on our own, so we are inviting other players to let us know in the comments below the cost to complete any of the levels that we are missing. We need the level number, the level name and the total cost it takes to complete the level. We'll then add the information into our table on this page.

Board Complete!
Board Complete!

How to work out how much you need to complete a level?

It's hard to work out how much you need to complete a level exactly, but we can give some rough ballparks here. As you progress through the game the size of the incremental increase grows, there does not seem to be an exact formula, but if you know the amount needed for the previous levels, then usually the next one will be a little more!

One reader has also told us that they think there is a formula to work out the cost of a level. It's based on knowing the cost of the initial build cost of the first landmark in a location and multiplying that by 112. Let us know in the comments if you think that is accurate!

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How much does it cost to upgrade each level in Monopoly GO!

Below is our table of the levels that we have played through, and also the level and board data that players have submitted to us in the comments.

However, please note, that people WILL SEE DIFFERENT BOARDS at some point in the game, so please just use this as a rough guide.

If you are unsure of the level cost for any board on Monopoly Go, trying looking at the cost of the first upgrade of the first landmark on a board and multiplying that by 112. Previsouly we had been working with x100, but it seems higher now.

Working out level costs in Monopoly Go
Working out level costs in Monopoly Go

So if the the cost of the first upgrade of the first landmark is 261M, to work out the estimated total level cost the calculation would be 261,000,000 x 112 = 29,232,000,000 (29.232Bn), which is a little over the actual cost of 29.035 Bn.

With a game update in November 2023, there was a further reduction in the costs of levels in Monopoly GO. While this effects the higher boards more, there will still be an effect on the costs of the boards in the table below and the early boards, but probably not as profound, this will bring most of the level costs in the table below as not valid for now. We'll leave them there however as a rough guide. Still you should go with the formula 112x the cost of the first upgrade to the first landmark in a level. This may be a bit too much though... Let us know in the comments your experiences with level costs please after the Heartfelt Happiness update.

New Table. We are collecting data again for this next table. If you would like to contribute your own data please put it in the comments below, just leave the level number and the total cost for the level. This must be your own data, and not something you found somewhere on the internet.

Level Number Cost of First Upgrade Total Level Cost
1 -15,000
16 - 51.120 M
18556k59.265 M
19635k70.624 M
66 - 307.760 M
13717 M1.887 BN
13821.3 M2.361 BN
213111 M12.249 BN
221108 M11.939 BN
231159 M16.920 BN
252235 M26.102 BN
253259 M28.767 BN
254261 M29.035 BN
255263 M29.253 BN
256265 M29.460 BN
257238 M26.501 BN
258267 M29.672 BN
259294 M32.696 BN
260296 M32.936 BN
261298 M33.185 BN
322841 M94 BN (estimate)
326885 M99 BN (estimate)
667 - 29.5 TN
668310 BN 35.650 TN (estimate)

Old Table Data

This table is outdated for most information, please use the one above or the calculation of about x112 the cost of the first upgrade for the first landmark to discover the total approximate cost of the whole level.

Level Number Name Money Required
1New York City15,000
5M. Industries6,316,100
7Old West15,000,000
8Rio de Janeiro20,595,000
9House of D. Ore 24,061,000
10 Frostgard Fjords27,913,000
11 Prosperity Drive32,321,000
12 Macabre Manor37,355,000
13Arabian Nights43,039,000
15Little M's room51,030,000
19The S.S. Goldwater70,625,000
20Hair Salon48,092,000
21Ulyssey's Travels70,625,000
22New Orleans67,945,000
23Los Angeles70,328,000.00
25Caesar's Rome81,216,000.00
28Doubloon Bay89,621,000.00
30New York Nights92,348,000.00
31Monopolis 300098,943,000.00
32Washington DC94,691,000.00
33Mt. Monopolus101,960,000.00
34The North Pole109,190,000.00
35Block City104,835,000.00
36Las Vegas112,450,000.00
37Alchemy Academy121,278,000.00
40Lunar City132,830,000.00
41Storybook Woods127,467,000.00
42Monopoly World137,429,000.00
43San Antonio146,630,000.00
45Sunset Fjords157M
46M’s Club194.1M
47The Roaring 20’s121.74M
48All Citizens Bank168.6M
51ELEKTRA Mall188m
52Monopolton's Ball238m
53Pooch Park152m
54Putts O’Plenty210m
55Sweets Factory193,000,000
56Garden Gala170m
58Tokyo Glow296m
59MR. M'S CAVE236,000,000
60New Orleans254,000,000
61TREETOPS RESORT271,000,000
6270 million BC203,000,000
63M. ELEMENTARY266,590,000
64FIRE ISLE365,000,000
65THIMBLE FARMS210,000,000
66FIX-IT HEIGHTS280 million
67Worn Woods405,520,000
68EARTH VILLAGE322,000,000
70M. General431,430,000
71Broadwalk 296,110,000
72Dark Valeabout 400m
73Apela Orchid499,600,000
74CAMP GREENBACK397,000,000
75Air Acres445,630,000
77M. AQUARIUM442,000,000
79CLUTTER COAST507,000,000
80Water Woodlands493,000,000
81Scottie's Mansion528,510,000
82Monopoly U565,000,000
84Creature Kingdom581m
85SOFIA'S SHOP628,000,000
86MARTIAN COLONY611,000,000
87Pleasant Pastures691,000,000
90M's Museum769M
91MONOPULON 5769,000,000
92San Francisco653 M
93Pawfee Shop856.96m
94Electric Company865,000,000
95NORSE NEBULA846,000,000
96Sunset shores708,900,000
97Token Factory1,172,700,000
99La Mancha1,013,670,000
101Executive Isle1,700,000,000
102Crystal Depths1,129,100,000
103The Waterworks1,450,000,000
104FIRE ISLE NIGHTS1,427,700,000
106HAUNTED HAMLET1,490,000,000
107Winter Village1,020,100,000
108M Jewelers1,239,400,000
109SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS1,611,000,000
110Chef Showdown1,621,400,000
111Monopoly Studios1,641,800,000
113Gnomeburg Knights1,146,103,000
114Reader's Roastery1,468,100,000
116Galactic Flats1,810,800,000
119Seashell Islands1,164,000,000
121Monopolis 30001,996,200,000
123M Aquarium1,952,200,000
129MONOPOLY WORLD2,284,000,000
130Las Vegas2,313,000,000
132Caesar's Rome2,080,000,000
134Creature Kingdom2,500,000,000
136Token Factory2,600,000,000
137Washington D.C.2,000,000,000
138Monopoly General2,360,000,000
140The Victorian Age2,850,000,000
141Sherwood Forest2,950,000,000
143WASHINGTON DC2,154,000,00
144ELECTRIC COMPANY2,676,100,000
145FIRE ISLE NIGHTS3,182,600,000
146EXECUTIVE ISLE3,247,920,000
147MONOPOLY CON3,262,100,000
148NEW ORLEANS3,400,000,000
169 - 5.07BN
173 - 4,779,100,000
181MAINE6.5 BN
181MAINE6.5 BN
182 - 6.555 BN
183 - 6.724 BN
239 - 19,850,000,000
249SAN FRANCISCO28,000,000,000
251M. INDUSTRIES26,000,000,000
252GNOMEBURG NIGHTS28,100,000,000
253 - 29,000,000,000
256AIR ACRES29,100,000,000
257 - 28,500,000,000
258FROSTGUARD FJORDS30,000,000,000
259MONOPOLY U34,500,000,000
310 -76,628,000,000

As explained above this table, people will see different boards. If you are unsure about a level cost, use the formula first upgrade cost of the fist landmark x112 - as shown in the example above the table.

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  • Why do people want to know how much it costs to complete a level?

    Often they want to know so they don't build anything until they have enough money to complete a whole level.

  • Why would they do that?

    Because if they have no buildings on a landmark, then they can't be attacked. But they can still lose money in their account through, rents and heists etc...

  • There are a lot of blanks in your table what about the other levels?

    We are working to add as much level information as we can, if you can help with any missing information, please drop it below in the comments. We need the level number, name and the amount needed.

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This is how we stand so far with our ultimate guide to the cost of each level in Monopoly GO! There are lots of gaps in knowledge and we are hoping that players will start to send in their data that we can add to the table above.

Over time it looks like there have been significant changes to board orders and costs, so please use this as a rough guide to level costs.

Richard Gardner, Site Founder and Senior Content Writer

Richard GardnerWith over 20 years of experience in the video games and web publishing industries, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming.

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