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Score Multiplier Explained

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This is probably the most critical item which will determine your score in the game. Sure you have to last a long time and become an expert train dodger but without a maxed out multiplier you'll never reach your full scoring potential in Subway Surfers.

The multiplayer is located towards the top right of the gameplay screen, just to the left of your score. You start with X1 and as you complete the 'Missions' (your current mission can be found by pressing the Missions button on the main screen.

To gain an increase in your multiplier level you have to complete a set of three missions. They start of quite easy and are all self explanatory so I won't bother reproducing the whole list here as they are only relevant when you are playing the game.


If you get stuck on a mission and just can't complete it either ask us a question on this website and we'll do our best to help you or go to the Shop > Boosts and there is an option to Skip Mission, it costs numerous coins and the cost generally increases as you move through the missions lists, we're talking a few thousand coins generally and is well worth it if you are stuck on missions like use five jumpers in one run - sometimes you just don't get five jumpers in one run, so it can be quite hard to achieve if the game decides to be stingy with the jumpers.

Maxing out your multiplier by completing the missions is a sure fire may to achieve score Nirvana - this should be your primary focus in the game, to max out your multiplier as soon as possible, only then do you have the potential to make the mega scores you may have once thought impossible to achieve.

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