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Released way back on May 23, 2012, Subway Surfers was a a smash hit virtually on release, and in the time it has been around has consistently remained one of the most popular titles played on mobile devices. We'll be taking your through and best Subway Surfers cheats and tips to help you progress in this endless runner.

Subway Surfers Cheats

You may have found this page looking on the internet for Subway Surfers cheats, but apart from dodgy mods and promises of ultimate keys, there are not really any cheats out there for this game that we would recommend trying for the safety of your devices! In any case Subway Surfers is such a fun game and easy to play - why would you want to cheat!

Are there any mods for Subway Surfers?

Yes, but be careful what you decide to install. We haven't tried these mods out ourselves and are not recommending or linking to them directly! So if you are looking for Sub Way Surfers mods, try this google search:

Subway Surfers Mods

Getting Started Tips

If you are new to Subway Surfers, then the best way to get started is to focus your games on collecting coins and completing the missions to increase your multiplier. You'll only really attain the high scores once you have maxed out your multiplier, so don't waste your valuable keys and other things until you are ready to go for a big score with a maxed multiplier and powered up buffs.

At the beginning of the game you'll want to complete as many missions and achievements as you can in order to get loot and, increase the power of in-game buffs, collect keys and coins in order to set yourself up for a monster run once you have maxed out your multiplier.

The best way to complete missions is to pause the game and cehck out what you have to do currently, once you have completed the set of missions, pause the game again to get the next task list, you may be able to complete more while you are playing your current run

Top Tips

Here is a rundown of our top tips for Subway Surfers!

- Save your keys for a big run

Keys can be quite hard to come by in the game, and the more continues you use in a single game, the more keys you'll need! Our recommendation is that you try not to use any keys, or just one or two if you are desperate until you are ready to go for a high score busting big run!

Use opportunities in the game to double your key rewards whenever you can, they really can get scarce later in the game after you have unlocked most of the achievements.

- Complete missions to increase your multiplier.

Complete missions to increase your multiplier
Complete missions to increase your multiplier

The multiplier is really important in Subway Surfers, you'll want to max this out before attempting any high score runs, you just get more bang for your run with a maxed out multiplier, couple that with a triple score booster at the start of a run, and you'll be hitting the millions in no time at all!

- Increase the power of the buffs in the game

A great thing to spend your coins on in the game is to increase the power of your boosts. This will give each boost more time when they are activated. Head to the shop > boosts to see if you have enough coins to make any upgrades.

- Watch ads whenever you like to continue playing the game if you lose

Don't use your keys until you are ready to take on a big run.

- Look out for ad offers

Watching some ads will also give you double or more of your rewards, check the game for individual opportunities for what each ad will do.

- Participate in the Season hunt to get some great rewards

The more times you complete the season hunt the more rewards you'll get (up to 30 times per season currently

- Stay focused

As the game speeds up you'll need all of your focus on the game. Maintaining your concentrate over a long period of time in a fast endless running such as Subway Surfers can be a bit difficult, and you may need to just work up some stamina in that department in order to get the big scores!

- Subway Surfers is continually being improved

Look out for any new quests and challenges that may appear in the game, as these are often a great way to get more rewards such as coins, keys and boosts.

Look out for new game modes added to the game for more reward opportunities
Look out for new game modes added to the game for more reward opportunities

Best Boosts

There are a number of boosts in the game designed to help you play for longer and to collect more coins, here is a little bit about each one

Boosts in Subway Surfers
Boosts in Subway Surfers


Double tap these to activate them while playing the game. While you are on your board you can survive one crash so it's a really useful buff if you are heading into a tricky point in your run.

Score Booster

This is great to use when you are going for a big run, use a score booster before you start your run to multiply your score by x5, use two to multiply your score by x6 and 3 to multiply your score by x7 for a single run. Thing is you have to activate this at the start of your run, so make sure you don't crash early if you activate it!


You can use up to three of these at the start of the game to get a big head start in the game to take you past the quite boring slow parts at the beginning and get you going right away!


This will take you into the ait for a set period of time depending on the level of your jetpack, this can be increased in the store > boosts section of the game.

Super Sneakers

Use this for a time limited mega jump ability. Watch out though when this one runs out, because you won't be able to jump super high any more! It may catch you by surprise. Increase the level of the super sneakers to get this boost for longer each time it is activated in game.


The Magnet is used to help you collect coins which you may not run through, this can easily gain you a lot more coins, it's not the best buff out there, but can help a lot. This one can also be improved with more time in the shop.

2x multiplier upgrade

This will double your score while it's active, so will provide a nice temporary boost, the time it is active for depends on the level of the boost.

How to play Subway Surfers on PC

You don't just have to play Subway Surfers on your mobile device, you can also play it on a big screen too, here are three ways:

1. Over on the official Kiloo site

2. On the popular game site, Poki

3. Using an emulator such as Bluestacks.


Subway Surfers Walkthrough

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Subway Surfers FAQs

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Where do I find the trophies?

Click on missions. The Achievements section is right beside it.

Can you get your multiplier higher than x30?

For general gameplay, the answer is no, x30 is the max. But don't forget you have the x2 in game collectible, to take it to x60, plus you can purchase a + x5 for one run. So yes, you can get higher than x30, but only temporarily!

Can you unlock all charactors on subway sufers for me

Yes ... + 1 More Answers

How to get to the trophy menu in subway surfers?

How to get landing awards?

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