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Boosters - Spending Your Coins

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The great thing about subway surfers is you have access to all the boosters in the game without having to spend real money.

But be careful how you spend you hard earned coins. Here are our recommendations on how to distribute your coins over the available boosts in the game.

You get to the Boosts section by selecting Shop from the main page, then Boosts.

Here you can use your gameplay coins to purchase some single use items. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about these until you have your multiplier at x30. Once there stock up on the single use items such as hoverboards.

Lets go through each item in more detail...

These are purchasable for 300 coins. These take a hit for you. If you have one of these utilised while playing the game and you crash, basically the board breaks and you can carry on with your run. They last for a set amount of time.

Different boards can be unlocked by going from the main menu > me > boards. You can use coins to purchase different types of boards.

Mystery Box
You pick these up in the shop for 500 coins each and they will furnish you with a prize of coins or items. Buy a couple a see what you get. You can also collect these in the game which you open once you finish.

Prize from a Mystery Box
Prize from a Mystery Box

Score Booster
These cost 3000 coins and will increase your multiplier by 5 for one complete run. Probably only worth purchasing once you have an x30 multiplier. Please see our hints and tips section or our How to get a great score section for our tips on increasing your multiplier.

Mega Headstart
You can buy these in the shop for 2000 coins, sometimes they can be found in the mystery box. Basically they are activated by selecting the Mega Headstart icon after you start your game. If you have any available to you to use and its the start of the game the icon will display. It gives you a nice boost to your score in the beginning of the game. Probably only worth buying once you have a maxed out multiplier.

The next section of the shop is titled Upgrades, these basically increase the time you get to use on the following items each time the are collected in-game; Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, 2x Multiplier.

The sneakers are pretty handy to have to help you jump over trains, the jetpack is really useful as an easy way to collect lots of coins, so is the coin magnet, and the 2x multiplier is just useful for getting a huge score.

My recommendation is to take all of them to the 10,000 coins level then just max out your favorites as and when you get enough coins as the next level for each one will cost 30,000 coins each!

Upgrades from the Shop
Upgrades from the Shop

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