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The controls are sooooo simple, and if you've played the game you probable know them by now already... But did you know you can switch lanes in mid-air... Read on if you don't know what we're talking about.

Basic Controls

There are three lanes to run in, left, middle right. You switch lanes by swiping your finger from your character's lane to the lane you want to run in.

You can avoid obstacles by rolling (swiping your finger down), or jumping (swiping your finger up). And of course moving from left to right.

TIP: Stopping a Jump: If you jump then draw your finger down while in mid-air your runner will will jump down immediately. Handy especially when you are jumping big with the boots or need to catch an item.

TIP: Switching lanes in mid air: Just as you can switch lanes while running across the ground or on top of a train, you can also switch lanes by swiping left or right while in mid-flight of a jump - very handy when you are running fast later in the game.


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