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Subway Surfers High Score

by AppGamerSep 16th 2021
What the exact world best ever high score in Subway Surfers is up for debate. The highest evidence we've seen so far is a score of well over 2 billion. But we've had unsubstantiated reports of much higher scores although we've yet to see the screenshots ourselves.

Subway Surfers High Score

First of all how realistic is a score of 2 billion or more in Subway Surfers?

It's an incredible score and would literally have taken the players hours to complete, perhaps it could be done easier with a team effort because that amount of intense concertation would be incredible, although it is possible to pause the game however for screen and tiredness breaks.

Even with max multiplier, scoring a couple of million is hard enough to do, so times that by a thousand and you have that 2 billion score!

We found on the internet a YouTuber streaming a 2 billion score, in the details the stream started on 2 November 2020! How is that even possible? Anyway you can check it out for yourself here:

What's a good Score in Subway Surfers?
Unless you are super dedicated, and have incredible amount of time on your hands you can probably forget about challenging for the word's best high score in Subway Surfers and focus on attaining a good score for yourself. In my personal opinion anything over 1 million points in Subway Surfers is a fantastic achievement, and not too hard to get with some practice and macing out your multipliers.

Here are a few tips in order to get your max score in Subway Surfers

- Max Your Multiplier
Essential to maximise your run, no point in running at x10, when you can get x30!

- Use the Score Boost
You can use three score boosts at the start of your run to get a x7 score

- Have upgraded Boosts
Upgraded boosts help a lot in the game to collect coins and dodge tricky situations, they work for longer when they are maxed out

One finger or two?
This is up for debate really and depends on your own individual preferences. But to be honest, when things get super fast, I definitely prefer the two finger option to control my subway surfer in the game.

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