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Subway Surfers Codes (July 2024)

Sep 16th 2021

Over the years there have been various ways of redeeming Subway Surfers codes, but in 2021, is there still a valid method to redeem codes in Subway Surfers or has this option to get free rewards been removed.

Subway Surfers Codes (July 2024)
Subway Surfers Codes (July 2024)

When deciding to write a page on Subway Surfers codes we had a good look around the internet to find the current codes out there, and how people entered the codes.

We did find a lot of old codes and outdated information, which is why we decided, in September 2021! to construct this page giving you the truth about Subway Surfers codes.

Where is the Code Entry Screen?

So what we found from our research, is that the way to redeem codes in Subway Surfers in 2021, is to head to the settings menu and find the Unlock Codes link as in the image below.

Unlock Codes Menu Item
Unlock Codes Menu Item

But what we get in the current version of Subway Surfers is this option has been removed, so currently there is no way to enter codes in Subway Surfers as you can see from the latest screenshot below.

No Unlock Codes Menu Item
No Unlock Codes Menu Item

If you do still have access to the Unlock Codes option, then click it and try one of the codes further down the page, we've left the latest ones that we think were working last as they will have the best chance of success.

What are the Latest Subway Surfers Codes?

Although we don't think Subway Surfer codes are currently working as there is no way to get to the unlock codes box, here are the most recent Subway Surfers codes just in case you still have access to the Unlock Codes page.

RunnerUp888Tap to copy

If you can redeem this could you should get 8 keys and 8000 Coins

Let us know if you are still able to redeem codes in Subway Surfers - we think it's not possible currently, but perhaps Kiloo will bring back this feature in a later update to the game. We've tried accessing the Unlock Codes menu from settings on both iOS and Android with no luck so far in September 2021!

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