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Top 10 Hints and Tips

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So by this point you are probably quite familar with the game and what to do. There is not much to it, but hopefully this handy list of 10 hints and tips will in some way improve your Subway Surfing skills.

1) Try using two hands
Everyone has a different preference as to their swiping style, one finger or two. My son for example will always use one single finger and score really well. Me on the other hand, well I'll use my right index finger for moving right, jumping and rolling and my left index finger for moving to the left.

I can't say one way is better than the other as my son and I are quite evenly matched at the game. You may want to give the two finger method a try to see if it works well for you or not.

2) Earn 2 Keys by Wathcing a Video
We've already covered this in the Earn Coins page, but in case you've skipped that you should know there is an easy way to earn two coins for free on a daily basis by just watching a short video clip/advertisment. To see this option, go to Shop > Earn Coins from the main menu.

3) Master the top jump move
When you are in mid-flight of a jump you can swipe down to drop out of the jump and continue running, this is useful if you have mis-timed a jump or you can see that your expected landing location is not going to be a good one. You can also change direction in mid-air by swiping left or right while in mid-air from a jump. Controls are given an overview here.

4) Run on the trains
It's better to run on top of the trains than on the ground at least up there you won't get hit by an oncoming train or a barrier. Mastery of the change of direction while jumping skill will help you immensely to stay on the trains.

5) Save your keys
You can utilise your keys after you have crashed, they allow you to extend or continue your game - like having an extra life. However if you do this multiple times in one run you'll soon find that you run out of keys pretty quickly as while the first extension costs just one key, the second will cost two and the third four and so on, doubling each time. Then resetting once you start a new run from the start.

Keys are best saved for when you want to go after that mega super high scoring run (preferably after you have maxed out your multiplier).

6) Upgrade Your boosters
Boosters are collected as you play the game, but the time you get for each booster is dictated by it's level. In the shop, select the boosts button and if you have enough coins you can upgrade these items. This is dealt with in more detail in this page of our guide: Boosters - Spending Your Coins.

7) Stock up on hoverboards
Hoverboards are a handy and cheap way of extending your run. If you have one of these activated when you are running and crash into something they will basically break and take the hit for you and allow you to carry on your run. Only problem is they need to be activated before you crash!

You can read up on the different types of boards you can get on our boards page

8) Max out your multiplier
The best way to a super high score is to have a maxed out level 30 multiplier. We discuss how to do this in more detail on this page: How to Get a Great Score.

9) Keep and eye on your missions
In order to increase your multiplier you need to know what missions you need to complete next. So always make sure to check the Missions button on the game start page. The Multiplier is discussed in detail on this page: How to Get a Great Score.

10) Don't download hacks
There are no cheats in Subway Surfers, but a few people have published hacks for this game. But before you think about downloading and installing one, ask yourself this... Can I trust the publisher of the hack? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself the question again, if the answer is still yes, then you really need to rethink or do some research on malicious downloads and what they can do to your device. Basically you may think you are downloading a hack which gives you infinite coins or keys etc.. on Subway Surfers but you could also be downloading something else within the download package. A keylogger for example, a trojan virus who knows... You could get a very nasty surprise if you download game hacks so please stay away from them, and besides unlimited coins and keys would kind of spoil this cool game.

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