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Great gameplay in the Subway

Great gameplay in the Subway

Subway Surfers has been around for quite a while now, but there is something about it's gameplay that gives it a certain longevity not always seen with free to play mobile games.

What you'll notice about Subway Surfers after playing it a little while is there is very little prompting to make in game purchases and you can thoroughly enjoy the game completely without having to spend a penny... or even a cent.

Yes the game is ad supported to some extent, but these are very unobtrusive and usually display as an easily closable full screen image when you jump back to the main menu page. A small price to pay for the enjoyment of such a high quality game as this.

Graphically, the game is superb, the cartoon graphics are super-cool as is the animation. To keep the game fresh the developers continually update the game to visit different cities this changes the whole look and feel of the game while keeping the game mechanics the same, this gives a nice freshness to the game. However, it would be nice to have the option to switch between cities, currently this is not available option.

The backing track to the game is good, but is a bit samey after you've played the game a gazillion times. There is only one soundtrack option, a couple of options would have been an improvement, but I guess if you are playing this on a table or your phone you can just play your music library, so not a huge deal.

The gameplay mechanics are very smooth and the main character that does the running is extremely easy to control with a swipe of your finger, as the game progresses it continually gets fast, the controls are equally as responsive in that situation too.

The idea of the game is to last as long as you can and amass as large a score as you can. There are boosters to help you do this which are collectible as you play the game. Check the Jetpack out to grab a huge chunk of change really quickly.

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All in all this is a five star running game, and if you are into this genre an essential download for your collection. Well done Kill and Sybo!

Now you've read our review, go download the game if you haven't already and check out our free online strategy guide to Subway Surfers which takes you through everything from getting started to 10 Top Hints and Tips to improve your gaming and everything in-between.

5.0 / 5.0
Review by Rich | Apr 4th 2014

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Review by GuestOct 31st 2023

This game is fun and give a challenge to people looking for it

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