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Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced ultra-stylish Action-RPG. Here are our best cheats, tips and tricks for the game.

Unlocking new features
Most features of the game will be unlocked as you go through the first few story chapters and your Commander level. Focus on clearing these early stages, preferably until you complete the entirety of Chapter 2. There are more features that will be unlocked after this but at least the important features (like resource grinding missions) will become available.

Getting Decent 4* Weapons
Early in the game, if you're still struggling to get decent weapons for your characters, you can consider buying the decent 4* weapons in the Shop > Recycle Shop. Each weapon will require 450 4-star weapon shard. These shards can be obtained by recycling 4-star weapons. Thankfully, the 4* Weapon Enhancers are also considered weapons so recycling them will yield 150 shard each. While these are unarguably valuable, you can afford recycling a few of them early on especially if that means you'll get a decent and useful 4-star weapon for your favorite character in return.

Get the First Time Recharge Bundle
[This tip is not for F2P] You can get Lucia's Rain Walking coating and Kuji no Sada (5-star sword) by recharging for the first time. So, if you have a small amount of cash to spare, you can get the cheapest recharge (5 Rainbow Cards for $0.99) to get both items. The coating (outfit) looks cool and the Kuji no Sada can be very useful for a good portion of the game, until you get a better version or replacement.

Get the Guaranteed S-Rank in the Beginner's Banner
The Base Research (standard banner) will give you a guaranteed (and random) S-rank character after reaching 40 research (pulls). During this 40-pull attempt, you can get reliable A-rank characters and the guaranteed s-rank counter will not be reset. However, if you're lucky enough to get an S-rank character for the first 40 pulls, the counter will reset and the beginner exclusive banner will disappear.

Don't use the guaranteed S-rank ticket immediately!
All players will receive a S-Rank Construct Pick ticket. This will allow you to pick an S-rank character from the predetermined list. It's highly recommended to get your guaranteed S-rank character from the Beginner's Banner (Research) first. This is because if ever you get an S-rank character that's part of the available characters in the S-rank construct ticket, at least you can choose a different character to have some variety in your squad. The characters available for this ticket are:

* Lee (Entropy)
* Liv (Luminance)
* Kamui (Tenebrion)
* Karenina (Ember)
* Nanami (Pulse)

If you don't have any preferences, we suggest getting Karenina-Ember as she's the only viable fire-DPS in the game.

Skill Points is Shared
The amount of skill points you have in stock is shared and can be used on any of your constructs. As such, we highly suggest leveling up the skills of the characters you'll be using often. You can farm additional skill points by completing the resource mission 'Battle Exercise'.

Check out also, our FAQs for the game and where you can also ask your own question if you are stuck on anything.

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