Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Top 6 Hints and Tips
Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Guide

Top 6 Hints and Tips

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Here is a rundown of our best hints and tips for Plants vs Zombies 2.

1) Each level has it's own difficulties, some require lots of sun for example, others require you to plant aggressive weapons very early on, try to work out what the dynamics are of each level to defeat it

2) Use the strongest plants in the best spots. Best spots can vary according to the level, but usually these are train tracks, and the ones on the left. Spots on the right are very vulnerable as you have little time to kill the zombies.

3) Use bombs and chillis. These are great especially early on in stages as they are cheap to use, so allow you to collect and stock up on sun if your preferred initial plants are quite expensive.

4) Use your leaf bonus wisely. A bit obvious but these are there to be freely used and you will need to use them throughout the game, it's always good to hold one back if possible for emergencies.

5) Pack Choi and Wallnut combo. This is such a great defense... Utilise the pakchoi behind the wall nut and you have a very strong defensive line. Even better when teamed with spiky weed in front of the wall nut.

6) Stick the long range plants at the back. Things like pea shooters and other throwing plants, stick them usually towards the left of the screen. Some levles however you'll need to watch out for zombies that jump over plants, so where possible utilise also plants that can fight in both directions to protect your final line of defense, such as the pak choi or the multi-direction pea shooter.

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