Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Wild West Level 20
Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Guide

Wild West Level 20

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For this level you are given one plant at a time to place before each wave of zombies arrive.

Start by placing the pea shooter towards the far left of the playing area. The second column from the left is good. Save the first for the canon later...

For the second wave place the wall nut one column to the right of the pea shooter - you shouldn't need it for this wave, but you will for the next.

For the third wave place the bomb so it will blow up the bucket-head zombie. Use the walnut to stop one of the other zombies while your pea shooter takes out the other two.

You get a chilli in the fourth wave, you'll need to place this to the right of the playing area, to stop the cone-head zombie. The peashooter and wall nut should easily stop the rest.

Fifth wave now, and another peashooter place this behind the wall nut too if you can. you'll need to kill one cone head, and use the wall nut to stop the other one while you kill the three normal zombies - hopefully you've still got a bit of wall nut left at the end of this wave.

Wave six now and another bomb, use this one on the bucket head zombie. The other zombies are pretty normal so will be finished off quite easily with your two peashooters.

You get another wall nut for wave 7,use it on the bucket head zombie to give you some extra time to kill him.

The eigth wave gives you a canon, place it as far the the left as you can and hopefully you'll get to use it twice for this difficult wave. Use it on the strongest zombies (coneheads and bucket heads)

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