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Completing quests and participating in different activities can keep you occupied in Never After. There are times where games provide you with a list of things that you can accomplish, and in return you can acquire rewards. If you’re the type who likes to challenge yourself, then you might want to check what you can do by clearing conquests.

In this page, we’ll be taking a brief look on how Conquests work, as well as the rewards that you can acquire. If you’re a completionist, then this feature can keep you busy! There’s a lot of things you can do in the game, therefore, you can check out the Conquest feature to learn about the different areas you can improve upon. Let’s take a look at how this system works.

What are Conquests?

So, what are Conquests? If you play a lot of games, you might be familiar with Achievements. Achievements can be acquired once you successfully complete a specific task. In Never After, there are a lot of different achievements that you can complete, and you can find them at the Conquest menu. When checking this section out, you’ll find that there are a lot of categories available as well.

Complete specific achievements and claim Bound Diamond as rewards

Complete specific achievements and claim Bound Diamond as rewards

If you see a red dot on a category, this means that you have an achievement that you have completed. You can claim Bound Diamonds as rewards, and completing entire achievements in a specific category will let you even claim an exclusive title as well as a lot of Bound Diamonds. You might be wondering what types of activities you can do in order for you to complete achievements, the table below shows all categories as well as the challenges you need to overcome in order to get your achievement.

Conquest TypeChallenges
Personal GrowthUpgrading Peerage, Checking In, Allocating Skill Points, Reaching Character Levels, Upgrading clan skills, Improving Gear
Castle DevelopmentUpgrading Castle, Using Castle Facilities, Acquiring Furniture, Raising Castle Level, Upgrading Facilities
Partner DestinyObtaining Partners, Deploying Partners, Raising Closeness, Improving Partners
EudemonDeploying Eudemon, Increasing Eudemon Skills, Collecting Eudemon, Improving Eudemon
CompetitionClearing Events, Ranking in Events, Defeating a number of enemies
Fairytale JourneyClearing Story Quests
Clan DevelopmentCompleting Clan Quests, Joining Clan activities and Events, Earning Clan Contribution
TradeHaving Friends, Increasing Friendship, Selling Items, Buying Items, Participating in Wedding related features
OutfitAcquiring Fashion Points, Owning Costumes, Owning Mounts, Owning Ornaments
MiscellaneousOwning specific Partners, Reaching specific Ranks, Completing specific story activities

As you can see, a lot of these conquests are tied to the features of the game. Completing this feature can be a long-term goal, but you’ll get good benefits for completing them since Bound Diamonds are a useful resource. Make sure to check your conquest menu daily to claim any rewards.

Total Conquests Chest Rewards

You might also notice that there’s a progression bar with chests at the bottom of the menu. These are additional rewards that you can claim based on how much achievements you have collected so far. For example, clearing 600 achievements will provide you with 200 Bound Diamonds and 1 Genesis Core. You will then move on and try to aim and get the next reward.

Unlock chest rewards by completing the required number of achievements

Unlock chest rewards by completing the required number of achievements

Genesis Cores are very useful items since you can use it to increase your Stamina, Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Mind by 2. Completing all conquest rewards will provide you with 6 pieces of Genesis Cores, therefore you can increase your stats by 12 in total.

Total Conquests completedRewards
600Bound Diamond x200, Genesis Core x1
1200Bound Diamond x300, Genesis Core x1, Baa Baa (Outfit) x1
1800Bound Diamond x500, Genesis Core x1
2400Bound Diamond x750, Genesis Core x1, Ice Cream Cone (Outfit) x1
3000Bound Diamond x1000, Genesis Core x1
3600Bound Diamond x1500, Genesis Core x1, Magic Kitty (Outfit) x1

Aside from the Genesis Cores, you’ll get Bound Diamonds that will keep increasing in number as you unlock more conquest chests. You’ll also be able to get outfits for your character to use, these items can be worn for aesthetic purposes, and they don’t affect the gear that you have. With a lot of features available, and updates that occur for the game, you can expect updates for this feature in order to provide you with more things you can get achievements and rewards for.

This concludes our page for our Conquest Guide in Never After. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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