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Monopoly Go Snowy Creations Rewards and Milestones - UPDATED

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Updated: Jan 2nd 2024

Snowy Creations returns on January 2nd 2024 for another one day tournament and another opportunity

to pick up some dice, blue sticker packs and try to place high in the leaderboard for some great rewards.

As usual, you'll need to land on Railroads, play Shutdown or Bank Heist, get some crowns, to make your way through all the gift milestones and to try to win all Snowy Creations rewards.

Monopoly Go Snowy Creations Rewards
Monopoly Go Snowy Creations Rewards

All Snowy Creations Rewards and Milestones

The latest Snowy Creations starts on January 2nd at 1pm EST and ends at the same time on 3rd, giving you 24 hours to get through the following 25 rewards and milestones.

Milestone Points Required Snowy Creations Rewards List
1 55 40 Dice
2 40 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
3 90 70 Dice
4 130 5 Minutes High Roller
5 110 80 Dice
6 150 Money
7 200 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
8 250 15 Minutes Mega Heist
9 225 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
10 275 175 Dice
11 300 Money
12 400 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
13 375 250 Dice
14 425 Money
15 500 20 Minutes Rent Frenzy
16 600 375 Dice
17 550 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
18 700 Money
19 800 500 Dice
20 1,000 Money
21 900 Money
22 1,300 750 Dice
23 1,500 15 Minutes Cash Grab
24 1,800 Money
25 2,000 1,200 Dice
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Snowy Creations Leadrboard Rewards

Here is a rundown of the Snowy Creations rewards for the final tournament placings, please bear in mind that your tournament rewards may be different to the ones below.

  • 1st Place: 1,500 Dice, Money, Galaxy Pack
  • 2nd Place: 800 Dice, Money, Galaxy Pack
  • 3rd Place: 600 Dice, Money, 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
  • 4th Place: 500 Dice, Money, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  • 5th Place: 500 Dice, Money, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  • 6th Place: 400 Dice, Money, 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  • 7th Place: 300 Dice, Money, 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  • 8th Place: 250 Dice, Money, 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
  • 9th Place: 200 Dice, Money, 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
  • 10th Place: 200 Dice, Money, 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
  • 11th Place: 50 Dice, Money
  • 12th Place: 50 Dice, Money
  • 13th Place: 50 Dice, Money
  • 14th Place: 50 Dice, Money
  • 15th Place: 50 Dice, Money
  • 16th-50th Place: Money

How to Win Snowy Creations and Points Scoring

Snowy Creations is a tournament event, which means there are two ways to win prizes; milestones, and final placing reward based on your final position on the leader board.

You can score points as follows:


  • Shutdown Blocked - 2 points
  • Shutdown Success - 4 points
  • Bank Heist

  • Small Heist - 4 Points
  • Large Heist - 6 Points
  • Bankrupt - 8 Points

The biggest win will always be finding the three rings in a Bank Heist (or 3 gold bars in the Mega Heist), so try for that if you can.

Our top Monopoly GO Tournaments Tips and Strategy

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If you are looking to win this event, first of all make sure it is practical to do so before investing all of your dice! But more important than winning is placing high enough to get some good leaderboard rewards.

You are only battling with 99 other players in a tournament, not everyone that plays the game! All players are put into a group with 99 others and the leader board for you is based on your position against those other players, sometimes you are grouped with very strong players, other times, easier ones.

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