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Mini Golf King

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Review by GuestMay 3rd 2020
It's a great game so much fun but also can be very irritating when you're not having a good day.
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Review by GuestMar 26th 2020
It’s fun but each stage should be limited with amount of trophies you can play with
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Review by GuestFeb 24th 2020
My game wouldn’t Load so I deleted it if it happens you will never be able to play again
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Review by Netr13Aug 31st 2019
Loved it (and hated) until my team vanished... help!
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Review by KingdingilingJul 27th 2019
I like the format better than any other golf game currently out but the need for real money in order to stay competitive is a real turn off. And considering you have to spend most of your time grinding out lower levels for money to play the higher levels, it'd be nice to play something different than the same 5-7 courses.
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Review by GuestJul 19th 2019
The game would be good but it has several faults that's unfair to the player
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Review by GuestJul 13th 2019
Add different or more tees. Like 8 or 15 percent more power or wind. Different clubs or balls you can buy for $5 $10 in higher stages or maybe buy clubs in higher stages with coins would make in more interesting???
Otherwise this game is to long and drawn out and doesn’t hold peoples interest for to long. I have had to many people quit or just don’t play; because they lose interest in the game???
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Review by GuestMay 18th 2019
Nice and sometimes very annoying. My 5-year-old plays better than me.
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Review by Netr13May 5th 2019
Frustrating beyond necessity! No rhyme or reason most of the time, regardless how much thought (or money) I put into a game!
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Review by GuestMay 3rd 2018
Why can't I get the soccer ball club? Do I have to buy it? I have lost so many games because the person I was playing against had it and I didn't
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Review by GuestMar 27th 2018
Right now I feel the game cheats. I have developed a little skill playing the game and there are times I win. Then there are times I can't get a decent play no matter what I do. This goes on for rounds. I like the game but they need to enable you to have fair play.
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