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Review by GuestFeb 26th 2020
I played this game before because my score was staying the same even though I won hundreds of games so I deleted it yesterday decided to give it another try been winning a lot of my games but oooh my score isn’t moving still on 32 while everybody else’s is going up listen don’t bother wasting your time doing reviews because they are not bothered
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Review by GuestFeb 12th 2020
I have played over 15,000 games of mini golf King I uninstall this game because I'm sick and tired of now easy shots that I try to make the ball bounces right out of the hole and I hardly ever win any games anymore I'm sick of it.
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Review by GuestFeb 11th 2020
I don’t know how many times I have done this review I’m a British won hundreds of games so why is my score stuck on 164 when everybody’s else’s go up if u don’t sort this out I’m going to delete this unfair game because u never reply to comments obviously people are talking to a computer
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Review by GuestJan 24th 2020
People do you really think you're playing against other humans ..ha !
This game is designed to do one thing ...get you to part with money.
It's is so blatantly rigged it's an insult to your intelligence
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Review by GuestSep 18th 2019
Video like save feature doesn't work any more after game upgrade? Bugs in new version.
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Review by GuestSep 17th 2019
Game has glitches & freezes: frustrating when you pay $$ for coins & equipment & lose because of faulty game.
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Review by GuestJul 12th 2019
Need a better rule book so players don't have to learn by experiment. If passed a level and want to buy club at that level can't have to wait and hope it shows up in shop. Level matching not always even.
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Review by GuestJun 6th 2019
Boring I have been playing this for ages now still on stage one haven’t lost that many games thinking of quitting waste of time not happy
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Review by GuestJan 28th 2019
I think it is a fun game but the changes seem to be making it so you have to buy stuff to compete at higher levels and that is not right! Is the game free or not? Making equipment unavailable or making games rigged to lose so that you buy stuff is what seems to be happening. They need to fix the game...BADLY!!!
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Review by GuestDec 21st 2018
Total scam! Even the 5 star reviews are so you can see the complaints. And the people saying how great it is are people that work for pnix.
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