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Mini Golf King Hints and Tips

Mini Golf King is an exciting multiplayer golf game that lets you take on the world in a range of creative and crazy courses.

The game is fun but it can be quite a challenge to compete with other players so here are out top tips for playing your best golf in this game.

Gems and Chests
The aim of the game is to win the holes and to do that you need to get in the hole first. But along the way you will have the opportunity to collect gems. The gems will boost your score and allow you to open reward chests over time that are important to your overall progress. You don't want to waste time on them but where possible do your best to collect as many as you can as you go.

Every time you win a ranked match in the game you will be rewarded with a chest. But depending on the rarity of the chest you may have to wait up to four hours before they open for you. Unfortunately you only have four chest slots and if you receive a new chest when all four slots are full, you’ll either have to open the chest immediately by paying with gold bars or give up the chest.

Unless you are happy to spend the gold bars then you should be keeping an eye on your chests and take time to wait if your 4 slots become full.

Upgrade everything for the collection bonus
The collection bonus is a percentage boost towards every single piece of gear you own, and it permanently increases every time you upgrade any piece of gear.

So, as you earn cards and unlock new equipment don’t forget about your old equipment. You can still upgrade the old clubs, if you’ve got the cards and coins for it, upgrade it. It all helps to increase your “collection bonus”.

Pay attention to the wind
The wind changes every round and switches when both players have taken their turn. This can help you or hinder you and can easily leave you at a disadvantage if you are not ready for it. Keep an eye on it and make sure to compensate for the direction and power the wind is at.

Remember to comment below if you have any more tips to offer and post your question if there is anything you need help with.

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People do you really think you're playing against other humans ..ha ! This game is designed to do one thing ...get you to part with money. It's is so blatantly rigged it's an insult to your intelligence
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