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Review by GuestFeb 24th 2021
Amazing graphics.
Difficult to advance though if not willing/able to spend money. Too often paired with opponents with far better equipment.
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Review by GuestFeb 8th 2021
Lots of questions, easy to hack apparently, but fun to play. The one-on-one strategy can lead to some interesting game situations.
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2021
I downloaded MGK 4 years ago and still love playing it.
Do you agree? 3   15   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 19th 2021
This is a horrible game all they do is cheat you can’t good equipment and you can’t unlock equipment till you unlock certain levels and that is impossible because the game is full of bots that make shots you can’t make I have played this game numerous times spent money on it and to no avail it just continues to cheat me and make sure I don’t win you can barely get anything in chests I give this game and creators 3 thumbs down
Do you agree? 14   7   REPORT

Review by GrassholesJan 10th 2021
There could be a few adjustments as far as prices for upgrades & if there's a problem not to be answered in a rude manner. Been a golfers for over a year.
Do you agree? 11   16   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 5th 2021
It's a great game I play it every day I am getting a new phone and want to be sure I can transfer the game with all my points as well. I am addicted to this game for sure
Do you agree? 0   8   REPORT

Review by GuestDec 27th 2020
This game is pay to play, you have to buy coins to upgrade, then you do pay to upgrade, you will loose your coins and trophies. I lost 5 mil in coins 2 times, and lost 10 in a row. Mgk will not respond to messages. Such scam
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Review by GuestDec 2nd 2020
Fun game, but definitely rigged. Expect to spend a lot to stay on top. I finally got smart and dumped the app
Do you agree? 15   0   REPORT

Review by GuestDec 2nd 2020
I love it but I think i’m Missing something when I receive rewards that have x2 etc. what does that mean.
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Review by GuestOct 17th 2020
It's a lot of fun but upgrades are expensive. Also higher than stage 4 is expensive to enter.
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Review by GuestOct 16th 2020
I have played this game for quite some time now and I'm beginning do not like it because of the No Name no face players all they do did you cheat codes they go after the new people they've been knocking around they laugh at you they make fun of you they take over Kingsland as long as they're going to be in this game me or none of my friends will be
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Review by GuestSep 26th 2020
It’s a good game but profile is hard to change
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Review by GuestSep 24th 2020
Don't download this game. Full of cheaters, software glitches, developer rigged it toward dishonest players, lack of giving earned rewards, favoring paying players & the developers don't care about the folks playing. If you write in a complaint they make you prove it even when you do they throw it back on you. It's dishonest & wrong, & bad message to kids. It should be zero stars bc the integrity level of the creators is zero. Waste of time. So many better apps out there.
Do you agree? 19   0   REPORT

Review by GuestSep 13th 2020
Fun & Addicting ! Have been playing for 2 years & it never gets boring.
Do you agree? 0   8   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 16th 2020
Great game, Team! I've read many reviews & understand let alone feel the frustrations listed, but as a free app, aside from some frustratingly-overly-extended ads, this game truly delivers everything I was hoping to find in a responsive physical environment mini Golf game &them some.. &then plenty, in fact, once I learned a method of balancing free credits, optimizing gear & win/loss ratios, Team benefits, grueling trials&errors, levels to attempt.. & not to.. but all in all, this game delivers.. no cheats, no hacks, just a solid game with a high enjoyment rating!
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Review by GuestAug 3rd 2020
This game used to be fun but the developers let folks cheat so much that it makes it unenjoyable. It sends a bad message to kids if you let folks cheat. They do not police the users who cheat and let them do so. That is a mistake on their part bc if they didn't allow cheaters folks would spend money to buy better equipment just so they could keep up. They only hurt themselves profit margin by allowing it to continue. In one section you can play head to head battles but how can you when you go up against a cheater who takes any chance you have away. I'm considering Uninstalling this app and finding a golf game that doesn't reward cheaters by letting them continue to cheat without consequence. They need to set the bar higher and set a better example.
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Review by GuestJul 22nd 2020
Win one lose one win one lose predictable. When it's your turn to lose ..just forfeit and don't waste time. Maybe the only strategy is to play down a level after an allocated win, stay at that level until a loss and play up one...other than that there's nothing you could do to influence the outcomes...still a mindless distraction that works.
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Review by GuestJul 13th 2020
Jadore ce jeux il me detend et de belle partie de tout niveaux c genial
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Review by GuestJul 9th 2020
I have constant freezing on my app, game takes my coins and freezes while loading. Only way to fix is to reopen. When you reopen they have taken the coins. It may seem nice at first but once to hit the price point a stage 3 you can’t go much further without spending money.
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Review by GuestJul 5th 2020
Very unfair game to play. The rules are kept secret by the developers. No one has any clue how the game groups players in tournaments, or games. You could be playing for 1st time against some playing 5 years. Lots of rude & obnoxious players. No one plays real golf or understands etiquette of fair play. 99% of player cheat or hack software. Stay away from game.
Do you agree? 20   4   REPORT

Review by GuestMay 3rd 2020
It's a great game so much fun but also can be very irritating when you're not having a good day.
Do you agree? 1   0   REPORT

Review by GuestApr 9th 2020
No stars I hate this game I’m addicted though like many reviews say has lots of glitchy rip off activity
Builds you up then tears you down. Inappropriate Matches If you don’t have the the soccer club at level 3 you will lose most of time to opponents with it. I’m at level 7 still no soccer club? I find my self forfeiting a lot against players with better gear Supper lame I can’t recommend this game to anyone on that basis wish I never started playing video games huge waste of time
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Review by GuestMar 26th 2020
It’s fun but each stage should be limited with amount of trophies you can play with
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Review by GuestMar 18th 2020
I like playing it, however I think other players make it so frustrating which keeps me from playing more. They don’t want to accept a loss so they continue to knock your ball or block your shot. It should be that if a person hits another’s ball they loose their gems...not get yours!!!
And you need a ( a#s hole emoji ) for when a mean face just isn’t enough!!!
Do you agree? 9   0   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 10th 2020
I enjoy the competition, it's nice to learn skills.
Do you agree? 0   5   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 9th 2020
It's ok in short bursts, but I wish I could discard unwanted chests.
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Review by GuestFeb 26th 2020
I played this game before because my score was staying the same even though I won hundreds of games so I deleted it yesterday decided to give it another try been winning a lot of my games but oooh my score isn’t moving still on 32 while everybody else’s is going up listen don’t bother wasting your time doing reviews because they are not bothered
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Review by GuestFeb 24th 2020
My game wouldn’t Load so I deleted it if it happens you will never be able to play again
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Review by GuestFeb 12th 2020
I have played over 15,000 games of mini golf King I uninstall this game because I'm sick and tired of now easy shots that I try to make the ball bounces right out of the hole and I hardly ever win any games anymore I'm sick of it.
Do you agree? 16   0   REPORT

Review by GuestFeb 11th 2020
I don’t know how many times I have done this review I’m a British won hundreds of games so why is my score stuck on 164 when everybody’s else’s go up if u don’t sort this out I’m going to delete this unfair game because u never reply to comments obviously people are talking to a computer
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Review by GuestFeb 4th 2020
This game is useless been playing since last year won hundreds of games I’m still on stage one my score never moves from 164 when everybody’s else’s score has gone up if it carries on I’m British I’m going to delete this game and play another game u never sort this matter out thought this game was about players obviously not I’m going to give this week if nothing changes I’m going to delete the game not worth the bother obviously the makers aren’t bothered. either won’t be writing anymore comments I will just delete the game very disappointing game not worth the effort because I know my score will stay at 164 while everybody else’s will keep going up
Do you agree? 19   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 24th 2020
People do you really think you're playing against other humans ..ha !
This game is designed to do one thing ...get you to part with money.
It's is so blatantly rigged it's an insult to your intelligence
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Review by GuestDec 5th 2019
I love the game, but, I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to have to play against someone that is 1000 trophies ahead of them. Game is NOT loading at this time, it’s frustrating, especially coming down to the end of coin rush.
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Review by GuestNov 28th 2019
Good game though lots of computer opponnent, having more money helps with wins especially in tournaments. Watch the wind.
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Review by GuestNov 28th 2019
It is a really good game sometimes it cheats but it is great
Do you agree? 2   0   REPORT

Review by GuestNov 17th 2019
Is good but higher lvl courses and tournaments are pretty much pay to win - they need to fix their game economy. Plan to get stuck at Stages 6 and 7 forever.
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Review by GuestNov 4th 2019
It’s good but I don’t know how to share with the clan
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Review by GuestSep 18th 2019
Video like save feature doesn't work any more after game upgrade? Bugs in new version.
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Review by GuestSep 17th 2019
Game has glitches & freezes: frustrating when you pay $$ for coins & equipment & lose because of faulty game.
Do you agree? 4   0   REPORT

Review by GuestSep 13th 2019
Great game but it seems pretty determined results sometimes need butterfly club to win more matches don't have yet. Don't know how to get it. Can't make enough coins to keep up with upgrades so you will lose to people that are willing to spend real money. GOOD LUCK
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Review by GuestSep 7th 2019
Awesome game for passing the time. No need to spend real money to play and have fun! Occasionally some flukey things happen, but overall quite enjoyable!
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Review by Netr13Aug 31st 2019
Loved it (and hated) until my team vanished... help!
Do you agree? 2   0   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 21st 2019
Game is absolutely awesome you can't get away from it keeps me busy all the time play it play it play it
Do you agree? 1   8   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 11th 2019
Go leader of a team love the game. Been in few teams think I finally found a good one
Do you agree? 1   2   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 5th 2019
I love this game this is the best mini golf game in the world
Do you agree? 0   8   REPORT

Review by KingdingilingJul 27th 2019
I like the format better than any other golf game currently out but the need for real money in order to stay competitive is a real turn off. And considering you have to spend most of your time grinding out lower levels for money to play the higher levels, it'd be nice to play something different than the same 5-7 courses.
Do you agree? 2   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJul 26th 2019
Game is really fun I like it and have a few friends that play also.
Do you agree? 0   9   REPORT

Review by GuestJul 19th 2019
The game would be good but it has several faults that's unfair to the player
Do you agree? 17   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJul 13th 2019
Add different or more tees. Like 8 or 15 percent more power or wind. Different clubs or balls you can buy for $5 $10 in higher stages or maybe buy clubs in higher stages with coins would make in more interesting???
Otherwise this game is to long and drawn out and doesn’t hold peoples interest for to long. I have had to many people quit or just don’t play; because they lose interest in the game???
Do you agree? 13   4   REPORT

Review by Gerard R Wunch isJul 12th 2019
We need help for our team. We started with 50 players and we now have about 10 left. We can’t kick off players that don’t play; because we can’t get any help? W
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Review by GuestJul 12th 2019
Need a better rule book so players don't have to learn by experiment. If passed a level and want to buy club at that level can't have to wait and hope it shows up in shop. Level matching not always even.
Do you agree? 4   1   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 28th 2019
How do you get answers when nobody wants to tell you ?
Do you agree? 10   1   REPORT

Review by GCSEANSTERJun 27th 2019
It has it’s really good and really bad moments, one of the bad would be customer service. Good luck trying to get any form of help that will actually benefit you. Also, they say it’s not a P2P game, but it absolutely is.
Do you agree? 8   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 19th 2019
Good game but wind should be the same for both players to make it fair. I always have higher winds when it is coming at my face. Why???
Do you agree? 5   1   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 18th 2019
Awesome game but too many cheaters using cheat apps.... Also I notice that the opponent goes first more times than I do...How is it determined who shoots first?
Do you agree? 7   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 11th 2019
Great game but could (of course) be better. Lacks a lot of information about this game (about the mechanics etc).
Do you agree? 4   0   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 6th 2019
Boring I have been playing this for ages now still on stage one haven’t lost that many games thinking of quitting waste of time not happy
Do you agree? 6   1   REPORT

Review by GuestMay 25th 2019
It needs lots doin to be made stable and fair to all, you get kept between certain levels if you do not buy bonus balls ,tees,gloves etc I could go on n have been kept so speak from experience, but myself an grandgirls realy enjoy playing together xxx
Do you agree? 3   9   REPORT

Review by GuestMay 18th 2019
Nice and sometimes very annoying. My 5-year-old plays better than me.
Do you agree? 0   2   REPORT

Review by GuestMay 17th 2019
It is an awesome game. But many cheat and don't understand why...????
Do you agree? 3   0   REPORT

Review by Netr13May 5th 2019
Frustrating beyond necessity! No rhyme or reason most of the time, regardless how much thought (or money) I put into a game!
Do you agree? 150   114   REPORT

Review by GuestApr 29th 2019
Disconnects when my network is solid really bothers me. The game great when the server says the network is good.
Do you agree? 4   10   REPORT

Review by GuestApr 26th 2019
I think it’s great but I win over and over yet and I’m stuck at 64 trophies how come everybody else goes up higher and I stayed at 64 I win a lot more than I lose
Do you agree? 5   17   REPORT

Review by GuestApr 13th 2019
Love it!!! Can’t get enough! Wish it gave tickets and soccer club cards on the wheel spin.
Do you agree? 1   13   REPORT

Review by Dani MarieApr 12th 2019
I love it!! It's the best game I've downloaded all year!!! Only thing I would change is when I watch ads to open chests faster, I think the ones that are 12 and 24 hrs should let me skip at least a couple hrs instead of 10 and 20 minutes. Also would be super helpful if there was a practice stage to get used to the wind effects and fast greens..the wind definitely caught me off guard! But I still love Mini Golf Kings!⛳
Do you agree? 5   19   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 25th 2019
I love the game. It's great.........I want my game I done started on my own tablet
Do you agree? 15   32   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 22nd 2019
I enjoy playing the game however there are no directions as to getting tickets or jewels
Do you agree? 6   11   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 21st 2019
Game is awesome best mini golf game very fun and addictive.
Do you agree? 57   43   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 14th 2019
Very fun and addictive.. takes a bit too long for the chests to get even with the ad watching, but on the whole it's a very good game
Do you agree? 1   7   REPORT

Review by GuestFeb 28th 2019
Now servers lost love the game very much can I play right now because servers lost
Do you agree? 6   11   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 29th 2019
I really like the game, but I don't like how the ball literally jumps OUT of the hole sometimes...
Do you agree? 29   6   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 28th 2019
I think it is a fun game but the changes seem to be making it so you have to buy stuff to compete at higher levels and that is not right! Is the game free or not? Making equipment unavailable or making games rigged to lose so that you buy stuff is what seems to be happening. They need to fix the game...BADLY!!!
Do you agree? 9   4   REPORT

Review by GuestDec 21st 2018
Total scam! Even the 5 star reviews are so you can see the complaints. And the people saying how great it is are people that work for pnix.
Do you agree? 20   2   REPORT

Review by GuestDec 16th 2018
I'm addicted, competitive gambling, lots of fun
Do you agree? 0   0   REPORT

Review by GuestOct 20th 2018
Most addictive game I've ever played and I've played some of the most additive games out there. This one tops them all, great fun playing in real time with other people globally and of course the added bonus of a team and team leader board.
Do you agree? 2   0   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 10th 2018
Awesome game for the whole family! Come join our team. Brooks Clan
Do you agree? 0   4   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 10th 2018
Fun for the etire family. We started a family team. They call me the guru!

Do you agree? 0   1   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 8th 2018
Great game don't what to share with friend
Do you agree? 0   2   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 8th 2018
I just love this game and it's challenges and all the difference courses love if you could add a chat session to the games as been playing with some gorgeous men some german have been sending me love emoji but as I don't have any can't send it back to them pls let me know how to get them on my game thanks.ive told all my friends about this game n now some r playing the game. Oh by the way can u also add on the game sorry as I feel bad when I hit someone ball by accident n thanks as well [email protected]
Do you agree? 5   5   REPORT

Review by GuestAug 8th 2018
Its a fun game for idle playing. I enjoy the match to match subtle variations in the courses.
Do you agree? 2   6   REPORT

Review by GuestJul 26th 2018
Addicting. I would like more information about what the aspects of the clubs mean tho.
Do you agree? 7   3   REPORT

Review by GuestJun 27th 2018
Most additive game I've played and I've played a couple of android games which have taken over 4 years to complete like boom beach and that's playing it daily too but this.... I've not been on boom beach once since downloading mini golf king so that really says something lol
Do you agree? 1   7   REPORT

Review by GuestMay 3rd 2018
Why can't I get the soccer ball club? Do I have to buy it? I have lost so many games because the person I was playing against had it and I didn't
Do you agree? 0   0   REPORT

Review by GuestMar 27th 2018
Right now I feel the game cheats. I have developed a little skill playing the game and there are times I win. Then there are times I can't get a decent play no matter what I do. This goes on for rounds. I like the game but they need to enable you to have fair play.
Do you agree? 40   2   REPORT

Review by GuestJan 7th 2018
Great addicting game, needs some detail about what trophies do and how cards work.
Do you agree? 0   5   REPORT


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