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In Merge Villa you merge items to complete tasks to repair and renovate your Villa. If it sounds familiar, then it is quite similar to other merge based games such as Merge Mansion , Merge Matters and Travel Town . They all have similar concepts but how you get the items will vary from game to game. Below we have our Merge Villa cheats and tips to help you find out how to get the items you need to complete the quests, the best ways to get experience, gems and coins, and how best to manage your limited energy supply.

Merge Villa Cheats and Tips

Merge Villa is pretty straight forward to play, there are no cheats, and if you come across any website offering Merge Villa cheats and hacks which promise to give you unlimited energy or gems, please stay away from them as they could end up damaging your game. Their actions certainly do damage the production process for the game developers too however. Please support the game developers by not trying to hack the game.

So with the question of cheats out of the way, we can offer you some great Merge Villa tips and strategies to help you get off to a flying start.

Basically in the game you need to merge items in order to create new ones to complete a task. Each item is part of a merge chain whereby you'll need to continually merge certain items within that chain to get the higher up items from the chain. To find out which merge chain the item you need is located within tap the 'i' icon when you are in the task list for the item you are trying to get.

Tap the i while in the task list to find out how to get an item

So for example, if you need the wooden hammer, you simply tap the i icon next to it in the quest list, and it will bring up the merge chain, and you can see that the wooden hammer is got by merging screwdrivers to saws then to a hammer, then an axe then to the wooden hammer. While on that tool list of items you can scroll down to the bottom to see ho exactly you get the tools, and you can see that basically they come from different forms of the tool box.
Scroll down, and you'll also be able to see where the item comes from

The higher level the tool box, the more pulls you can get from it before it runs out of energy, and also the higher the chance of pulling from it higher tier items, so if you have a higher level toolbox, there is a better chance of you drawing from it the saw or hammer instead of just screw drivers!

Running Out of Energy
Out of Energy? Sometimes you'll be able to watch an ad for a quick energy boost!

Sooner or later you'll be out of energy, you get 100 turns at pulling items, but energy is restored at a rate of approximately 1 energy every 2 minutes. You can also watch videos for extra free energy and open energy chest items. If you use the energy chest items, then you should merge them to level 5 before using them if you can. You can also merge the energy chests for more pulls and a better chance of getting better quality energy bubbles.

XP Stars
Merge your XP stars to level 5 before tapping them for the best XP boost

To get the most of the XP stars merge them to level 5 before you redeem them. Just double tap the star on the board to redeem it.

Gold Coins
Like with XP stars, if you have the space on your game board, you should merge these to level 5 before redeeming them by double tapping them. This will give you the best value for the coins. You'll get 50 coins at level 5.

Splitting Items
The option to split an item to get two items from the item below in the merge chain is pretty handy. But this is a premium feature so don't waste your free splits when you get them otherwise if you want to use splits, you'll find yourself forking out quite a lot of gems for the privilege.

Daily Bonus
Spin the Wheel for a Free Daily Reward

The game offers a daily bonus wheel that you can tap to spin to try to get various free rewards in the game such as gems, coins and energy. It's worth a spin if you are logging in daily, if you want to spin it more than once, then you'll have to spend some gems.

How to Get Items?

If there is a particular item you are stuck on and don't know how to get it, drop us a question , and maybe someone from the AppGamer community will be able to help. We already have some questions and answers for Merge Villa, so you can also head over to that page to see if you know the answers to help other players too.

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