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How to Add Friends

How to Add Friends
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One thing that we are already seeing a lot of questions for is how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour. Mario Kart Tour is always more fun when you can play with friends, and adding friends is easily done in this game. You just have to play for a bit and unlock ranking... Everything is explained in detail below:

You can add friends in Mario Kart Tour, but there are a few steps you need to do to find out how to do it and start adding your friends.

1. Unlock Ranking
Before you can start to add friends you need to unlock ranking first, it's not too hard to do as it is unlocked pretty early in the game, just play for a while until it is unlocked. We unlocked it after playing for half an hour. It may take others longer or shorter amounts of time.

2. Add Friends
Now you have unlocked ranking, the feature to add friends in Mario Kart Tour is now available to you. To do this open the menu and tap the friend button. Then choose Add Friend and then you will be prompted to add your friend's player ID. However, any friends that you try to add will also have to have ranking unlocked.

3. Accept Friend Request
The last step in adding friends in Mario Kart Tour is for your friend to accept the friend request. He'll only be able to do this, and even see the request, if he has unlocked ranking.

After you have addeed some friends in Mario Kart Tour they will show up on your rnaking page so it's a great way to compare your results and so who is the best at the game between your friends.

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