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Take out 3 Pipes Challenge

Take out 3 Pipes Challenge
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Believe us when we say you are not the only one stuck on the take out 3 pipes challenge in Mario Kart Tour. Once you've read through this guide however it will be plain sailing and completing this challenge will be a breeze.

How To Complete The Take Out Three Pipes Challenge
Firstly select a track where there are pipes, for example the Mario Cirtuit Level, start the level with one of your racers, it doesn't really matter too much who it is, as your aim here is to not win the race, just to try to get a giant mushroom or bowser shells which you can fire at the pipes.

To stand a better chance of getting the best boxes, in order to get the giant mushroom or bowser shell, try to do bad in the actual race, as you usually stand a better chance of good loot boxes when you are further back in the race. Once you have one of the items, find one of the pipes and either shoot off the bowser shell or run into the pipe if you have the giant mushroom. That should take out the pipe. Repeat these two more imtes to complete the 'Take out 3 pipes challenge'

You may need a little patience with this, and it could take a few tries, but you will get there in the end. If you are not getting the items you need, make sure that you are last or close to last when you run over one of the loot boxes in the race. Take your time, and remember the aim here is not to win this particular race, just to complete the challenge.

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