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How to Play Coin Rush

How to Play Coin Rush
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Coin Rush is a feature in Mario Kart Tour that allows you to spend some of your rubies in order to play a track with as Golden Mario with a multiplier effect on the coins that you collect.

So if you are after a lot of coins, quickly, then you can spend some rubies in order to benefit from the multiplier effect of the coins you collect, plus the super suction power of the Golden Kart which will hoover up coins that you probably wouldn't have collected with a normal kart.

Here are some details on the multiplier and what each one costs in rubies.

5 Rubies - Coins x 2
15 Rubies - Coins x 5
25 Rubies - Coins x 10

So basically if you spend 5 rubies, the number of coins you collect will be doubled. But remember you'll be playing as Golden Mario and as long as you keep to more of less the center of the track you'll probably get most, if not all, of the coins due to it's improved coin sucking ability.

How to Play Coin Rush
You can start playing Coin Rush by tapping the plus (+) icon which is next your coin counter at the top of the screen.

How to Play Coin Rush
How to Play Coin Rush

Is Coin Rush a Good Way to Get Coins?
Depends really if you want to get a lot of coins or not to unlock something in the game. There are other things to spend your rubies on such as firing the pipe which can be a bit hit and miss. At least you know more or less how many coins you will get when you play coin rush. There are 200 coins on the track, assuming that you collect all of them, then just apply your multiplier.

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