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How to Drift

How to Drift
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It's never been more simpler to drift in a Mario Kart game you literally just need one finger.

There are two drifting modes, automatic and manual.

To Drift in automatic mode you simply swipe left or right in the direction you want to turn as you approach the turn, and then at the end of the swipe, hold your finger on screen and watch your player drift!

If all that is too easy for you or you want a bit more control, then change the setting to activate manual drift mode, it's not too much harder to do it, and here's how...

Swipe left of right according to the turn you are trying to take, then release and tap, this will make the kart hop. proess your finger on the screen as you complete the hop and then release your finger to stop the drift.

Enjoy the drifting and hopeuflly you'll be knocking even more seconds off your best lap times now you know how it's done.

Drift Boost
If you master drifting then you'0ll also benefit from a boost. As you hold the drift your tires will start to spark, blue then yellow, basically reach yellow for th ebest boost in autmatic mode. However, if you are drifting in manual mode and you can hold the drift until the sparks go purple, then you'll receive an even better speed boost.

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