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When playing new games, you get to try out different kinds of features that is offered to you. However, if a lot of features are provided to you at the beginning of the game, then it can be overwhelming to learn about it. In Lord of Heroes, different features of the game are provided to you based on your progression in the game’s story, therefore you will be able to familiarize yourself in the game in a steady progress.

In our Unlockables guide, we’ll be providing you with information on how to unlock the different features in the game, as well as let you know the different types you’ll be expecting as you progress through the story.

How to Unlock Features

In Lord of Heroes, there are different features that are gradually provided to you as you progress through the game’s story. Some of these features are locked as seen in the main screen such as the Alliance feature, while others are locked on different areas in the game such as during gameplay or hidden in the game’s interface.

Features are unlocked as you complete specific regions of the story as well as the corresponding difficulty provided. Once you complete a stage and the difficulty required, you should be auto prompted to leave the map and direct you to the new feature unlocked.

Complete stages in the game to unlock features
Complete stages in the game to unlock features

Some features in the game will require you to visit other regions as well and form an alliance. This will be related to the feature you’ll be unlocking, but it’s still tied to the progression of the story. You should be able to unlock a lot of features in no time considering a lot of energy is provided for you to complete stages.

Unlockables List

Now that you have an idea how to unlock the different features of the game, we have compiled the different features that you’ll be able to acquire in this game. This follows the game’s story progression and difficulty starting from Normal mode onward.

How to Unlock
Auto Battle
Lets you play stages where your heroes will attack automatically
Clear Stage 1-2 (Normal)
Lets you use Alchemy and exchange crystals for relics
Clear Stage 1-4 (Normal)
Hero Contract
Recruit a Hero by completing a specific log in period
Clear Stage 1-5 (Normal)
Send out heroes to other regions and get rewards in return
Clear Stage 1-6 (Normal)
Join a group with other players and get access to alliance only features
Ally with Helvania
Learn more about each Hero as well as their relationship with the other characters in the game
Clear Stage 2-1 (Normal)
Mystic Shop
Get important wares and unlock more as you progress in the game's story
Clear Stage 2-1 (Normal)
Lets you gain access to different costumes
Clear Stage 3-2 (Normal)
Primeval Halls
Clear different dungeons to get different items such as materials, gold, or even experience
Clear Stage 2-7 (Normal)
Change the formation of your team during battle in order to maximize effectiveness
Clear Stage 4-1 (Normal)
Challenge other players in the game and fight their hero teams
Clear Stage 4-1 (Normal)
Calamity's Cradle
Challenge a Raid Boss and get alliance credits as rewards
Clear Stage 4-12 (Normal)
Dakkeon Training Grounds
Help level up your heroes and gain EXP
Clear Stage 6-2 (Normal)
View the past stories and memories of heroes
Clear Stage 1-1 (Hard)
The Obelisk
Clear different floors and gain EXP and rewards
Clear Stage 8-16 (Hard)

Soon enough, you’ll be able to get access to all of the features that the game has to offer. We’ll be creating pages for these features as well so please make sure to check our guide often. As you progress in the game, you’ll need to make your hero stronger as well and there are various ways to accomplish this such as leveling them up, promoting, and ascending.

This concludes our page for our unlockables guide. If you have more questions regarding the game, feel free to check our Answers Page for useful information. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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