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In Lord of Heroes, progression in the game’s story will involve you with recruiting good heroes as well as getting them stronger. This can involve using materials and currencies to increase their level, and improve their stats. Perhaps you will wonder which ways you can speed up this process, and if you will want to use the shop to check if it can help.

In this page, we’ll provide you with a spending guide to see which deals will be useful for you if you plan to play the game often. Let us check what you need to keep in mind before purchasing.

Always be responsible with your money

Make sure that if you do decide to spend on the game, be responsible with how you spend it. There are a lot of mobile games that you can play these days, and micro-transactions are sometimes inevitable especially if it’s a free to play game. If you aren’t responsible with how much transactions you do, you might not know it and eventually end up in a place where you already have spent a fortune.

When making a decision, always ask yourself first if you’ll be playing the game in the long run. Will the packages you purchase help you out? Are there other similar packages you can find in the game that can be cheaper? You can also set a certain budget allotted for the game, and make sure you don’t exceed it. This way you’ll be safe from overspending.

NOTE: You must always be responsible with your financial situation. Going heavy on microtransactions can be difficult to handle with especially if you don’t keep track of it.

What items are recommended?

When checking the shop, it would be best for you to claim your free daily ascension pack. From there, you should be able to view the other pack offerings that are possible in the shop. However, if there is anything we’d recommend, then it would be the following feature:

  • 30-Day Honors Club: This is one of the features you can acquire that has the most benefits in terms of how much you are spending for it. Not only do you get 750 crystals immediately, but you will be provided with 30 more crystals each day, as well as 3000 energy.

    Get daily benefits from the Honors Club
    Get daily benefits from the Honors Club

    This means that if you save all of these for 30 days, you’ll be able to get a total of 900 more crystals as well as 90,000 energy. You will also be able to receive extra rewards at the end of battles in terms of Gold, and you’ll be able to get discounts from the Mystic Shop.

    If you have a favorite character that you really want to be a part of your team, then you can also check out the different character recruitment packages that are available. If you check the list of recruitable heroes, some may only appear in the shop. Purchasing them will really be a matter of preference this time, so always make sure if you are indeed willing to spend for them.

    Purchase characters only if you really want to add them to your team
    Purchase characters only if you really want to add them to your team

  • Should you get Crystals, Gold, and Temporal Threads?

    Crystals are considered the premium currency in Lord of Heroes. They can provide various functions such as purchasing other items in the shop, and they can also be required for recruiting specific heroes. If you look at the Crystal Shop, you will find that more crystal is provided relative to the price if you get the higher option.

    Get Crystals only when needed, there are free ways to get crystals in the game
    Get Crystals only when needed, there are free ways to get crystals in the game

    This will all depend on how much you play the game. Take note that there are a variety of ways to get crystals for free as well, so only purchase when you need it. This applies the same for temporal threads since getting outfits for your heroes can get tricky if you keep wanting more choices. Remember, you can equip one outfit at a time.

    Gold on the other hand, is something we advise against from purchasing in the shop. Gold is something that you can farm, and it’s easily used at the same time especially when you are trying to upgrade equipment or make your heroes stronger. If you purchase Gold with real money, you might notice that you’ll be able to use all of it very quick. Take advantage of increase gold buff events, and farm stages instead.

    Once again, always be careful with spending your real cash. Microtransactions that aren’t tracked can be difficult for you since you might not know how much you’re spending. Even if the amount seems small, repeatedly doing it will eventually sum up in a huge amount.

    This concludes our spending guide and we hope that it helps you. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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