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Get yourself off to a great start in this RPG from Clover Games with these Lord of Heroes cheats and tips.

Get Krom (Water) if you are a Free to Play player
If you are playing Lord of Heroes as a free to play player, one of the best units you can acquire is Krom (Water). He is indispensable in terms of the benefits he can provide and he can help you reach up to the end-game as well. He is the hero that can boost your action gauge for your party.

With more action gauge, you’ll be able to deal more attacks. Not only that, but he can be used in any game mode and can provide you with good results. Provide him with speed related gear and he’ll be able to attack first often. Once you are able to get him, you can then try to aim for other characters.

Target enemies with the elemental weakness
Elements play a large role in Lord of Heroes. There are five elements in total, and they are assigned for every hero in the game. You can recruit elemental versions of the same character as well. The elements that you will find are as follows: Water, Fire, Earth, Light, and Dark.

The first three elements follow a pattern where Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, and Earth is strong against Water. Light and Dark on the other hand are strong against each other. It would be best for you to have heroes of each type that you can focus on since resources can become scarce in terms of promoting and ascending.

Save up your Crystals in order to pull for gear through Alchemy
There are different banners you’ll be able to pull from through the Alchemy feature in the game. You can find heroes here, but there is also a banner for equipment. If you already have the characters that you want, focusing on getting equipment next is important.

Your party composition will determine your team’s power. Even if you have maxed out their levels and promotion, you might still have difficulties in progressing since you might lack power. The equipment banner will help you since you can get up to 6-Stars worth of equipment here, and they can provide the biggest boosts that you’ll be able to get for your hero.

Claim all of your free gifts daily
In the game’s main menu, there’s a small fairy named Cannaes who’s floating around in the middle. She will be carrying an item for you to claim as a free gift, then you will get a timer until you can get the next gift on hand.

The timer will appear near her, so make sure to claim all of your gift counts. This is a good way for you to gain more energy which is needed in order for you to play through the game’s story, and it’s a good way to get the energy needed in order for you to auto farm.

Check the in-game calendar to see ongoing buff events
There’s a calendar icon on the upper left side of the game’s main screen that looks like a calendar icon. If you tap on this, you will be able to see the ongoing events in the game. Here you’ll be able to see Buff Events which includes the server’s time.

Some Buff events can affect different features in the game. For example, you can get events where you can gain more exp when using Elixirs of Insight for a certain period. You can also gain EXP increase and Gold increase from stages in the game. Try to perform your activities during these time periods to max out the bonuses.

Redeem your Coupon Codes as soon as you can
Lord of Heroes features a coupon code system that lets you get free items. However, these coupons typically expire within a certain period. Different coupons can appear over time, and the items that you can get will definitely help you in the game.

You can claim coupons by opening the Settings icon on the upper left side of the screen, and then tapping on the Support Tab. From there use the Redeem Code button to open up an interface, you can input the codes and they will be sent to you.

Complete your progression tasks
Once you have completed the game’s tutorial, you’ll notice that there’s an interface on the lower left side of the main screen that has a task for you to complete. If you tap on the magnifying glass button, you will see a progression line that has different tasks as well as rewards.

You can tap on the button beside the magnifying glass on the main screen in order for you to be directed to the given task. Once you have completed it, you’ll be able to get reward items. These can range from EXP Potions, Equipment, Renown, and more.

Establish diplomatic relations with Helvania
Once you have completed the first regions in the game, you’ll be clearing story related features in Helvania. This will unlock the Alliance feature in the game, and it would be best for you to join in one as soon as possible.

Alliances can help you gain points and you’ll get to have access to an Alliance shop that have a lot of useful items. A lot of the rewards that you can get are useful such as gold which will be needed as you make your heroes stronger.

Read the Avillon News
In the game’s main screen, you’ll be able to find a Bell Icon on the upper-left most side. Pressing this will provide you with the game’s featured events, but there is also a tab there called Avillon News. Different announcements can be found here, but this is also a good location for you to find some coupons.

For example, characters in the game have their own birthdays and there will be times where events will be provided for them. Coupons will be shown and you can claim them during the event’s duration. You’ll also get news about adjustments to the game, as well as maintenance schedules.

Prepare your team composition
Aside from the different elements in the game, there are also roles where each hero has a specific duty. Whenever you check a hero’s information, you will find an icon on the lower right which designates their role. For example, Fram is a Guardian which means she excels in taking in hits.

There are five roles in Lord of Heroes that are available: Guardian, Warrior, Striker, Sniper, and Cleric. If you want to have a balanced team, you will need to have 1 Striker for your main damage dealer, 1 Guardian for your main tank, and 1 Cleric for your main healer. You can then change the other ones in your party slots to whoever you pick.

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