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Lord of Heroes is a roleplaying game developed by Clovergames. Here, you’ll take on the role of a monarch wants to revolutionize a fallen world. As the Lord of Avillon, you’ll be traversing through the different regions of the world with a company of heroes at your disposal. With the role as the Lord, you’ll be commanding the heroes in battle through combat and instructing each hero to use specific skills.

Lord of Heroes Wiki Guide

Attacks will be effective against specific elements therefore you will need to have the proper hero with the corresponding element as well. Features in the game such as active skills and burst skills can help change the tide of combat, and you’ll get to recruit more heroes along the way. In this guide, we’ll help you learn about the basics of the game as well as its different features:

Game Features:

  • Story with beautiful 3D graphics and voice acting – Play through the story in the kingdom of Avillon and the other regions as the monarch who wants to make a change. Characters also have voice acting which lets you learn more about their personalities.
  • Recruit Heroes – Build up resources in order to recruit heroes of your choice so you can add them to your party. The characters in the game have specific elemental attributes with flashy skills during combat. There are different races as well and each hero has their unique personality. There are also over 70 heroes available.
  • Explore other regions – Different regions are available in the game and you get to establish diplomatic relations as you progress with the story.
  • Alliance – Join an alliance and get to interact with other players in the game.

    We are putting together a variation of guides for the game to help you get started in Lord of Heroes. If you have any questions for the game, please head to the Answers Page to ask there. More guides are available on the right-hand side of our page. You can check more with their official website, as well as the following download links below:

  • Lord of Heroes Official Website
  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store

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