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In order for you to progress through the different game features in Lord of Heroes, you’ll want to have strong characters that can help you out. There are different characters that can be recruited with different means, and one of the features that can provide you with some free hero’s contract.

In this page, we’ll be checking the features of the Hero’s Contract as well as the possible heroes you can acquire. There are limitations to the contract, so you will need to think carefully when recruiting a hero to be added.

What is a Hero’s Contract?

Once you have cleared stage 1-5 on Normal, you will be able to unlock the Hero’s Contract in the Citadel. This is a system where you can recruit a 5 star hero by undergoing a contract with them. In order to do the contract, you will have to log in the game for consecutive days until the contract is finished.

Get a free hero after completing the log-in requirement
Get a free hero after completing the log-in requirement

Your first contract will involve you choosing one hero out of three choices and then you will have to log in for 15 days total. The hero that you have chosen will be recruited on the last day. Once this hero is recruited, you can then choose your second hero and then repeat the same process but it will be 30 days this time. This feature provides you with an incentive in order for you to log in everyday so you can get the hero at the end.

Each day that you log in will provide you with a reward, and you can scroll through the contract list to see which items you’ll be able to acquire. The final day will have the hero, and logging on that day will immediately recruit them.

Contract rules

Hero contracts come in twos, so your first contract will be called Hero Contract 1 & 2. Even though there are three possible heroes that can be picked, you can only recruit up to two of them. Fulfilling the two contracts will then provide you with the next set of contracts. Choose carefully when picking on a Hero for your first, a good pick is Krom (Water) since he can provide you with an increase on your Action Gauge.

Skipping a day will void the contract, and you need to renew it with crystals
Skipping a day will void the contract, and you need to renew it with crystals

Once a contract is started, you will have to log in for the days until it is finished. If you were to skip a day of logging in, then the contract will be considered as void. Continuing the contract will require you to use crystals as payment.

List of Heroes you can recruit

The Hero’s Contract comes in pairs, and you will unlock more of these contracts once you finish the first two and so forth. You get to have a choice for a Fire, Earth, or Water hero for every contract you start. Here is the list of heroes that can be obtained:

Hero Contract
Heroes available
Hero Contract 1 & 2
Lairei (Fire), Lucilicca (Earth), Krom (Water)
Hero Contract 3 & 4
Alev (Fire), Walther (Earth), Lumie (Water)
Hero Contract 5 & 6
Krom (Fire), Lairei (Earth), Lucilicca (Water)
Hero Contract 7 & 8
Lumie (Fire), Alev (Earth), Walther (Water)
Hero Contract 9 & 10
Nine (Fire), Solphi (Earth), Baretta (Water)

If you will be logging in often, then the Hero’s Contract will help due to the high star rating of your hero. This will provide them with a high-level cap, and they can be beneficial in providing you with a team that has high power.

This concludes our page to what the Hero’s Contract section can provide in Lord of Heroes, we hope that this has helped you with the different features in the Citadel. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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