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In Lord of Heroes, you get to play as the monarch of Avillon and your goal is to expand your influence throughout the region by occupying territories or gaining allies. Even if your character is the Lord, the battles in the game are done by the different heroes that you get to add in your team.

In this page, we’ll be checking the features that you’ll find in the Heroes section which you can find in the Citadel which is near the Lord’s throne room. There are different functions you’ll be able to do in the Heroes section, so let us check what you can expect from this feature.

Hero List

In order to check the heroes that you have, you’ll simply tap on the Heroes section from the main screen of the game. The main screen is also known as the Citadel which houses your Lord as well as the other different features that are available. From here, you’ll be provided with the list of heroes that you currently have.

On the right side of the heroes list, you’ll be able to see different buttons you can access to learn more such as their stats and leveling, their equipment, possible outfits, as well as choosing which hero will appear on the Citadel. Your Hero’s role will also be shown on the lower right side, and there are five roles available:

  • Guardian
  • Warrior
  • Striker
  • Sniper
  • Cleric

    Scroll down to view the list of Heroes
    Scroll down to view the list of Heroes

    The different heroes can be scrolled down through the left side, not only will you see the heroes that you currently have but it will also show all of the other heroes in the game that you haven’t been able to recruit. This way you’ll be able to see a glimpse of their designs as well as their information.

  • Recruiting Heroes

    When scrolling through the different heroes in the list, you’ll find that there are heroes there that you have not been able to acquire yet. Some heroes in the game will be accessible through the story, but there will be others who cannot be acquired there. When looking at a specific hero in the list, you’ll be able to see the method on how they can be recruited.

    Tap the Recruit button and look at the lower right side to see the requirements
    Tap the Recruit button and look at the lower right side to see the requirements

    There are a variety of ways a hero can be added to your team, and this is dependent on each hero. If you want to look for a specific character, scroll through the list and tap on the recruit button to see the options available. In general, these are the ways that you can recruit heroes to your team:

  • Use Renown, Gold, or Crystal
  • Reach specified Lord Level, then use Renown, Gold, or Crystal
  • Purchase the hero from the Shop with real cash
  • Purchase from the Alliance shop using Alliance Credits
  • Occupy a specific region and required difficulty, then use Renown, Gold, or Crystal
  • Complete a specific floor in the Obelisk, then use Renown, Gold, or Crystal
  • Recruit a specific hero required, then use Renown, Gold, or Crystal
  • Fulfill a Hero’s Contract

    Wandering Heroes: If you tap on a hero and it says that they are wandering and cannot be recruited, it means that they are currently not on sale. They appear as limited time purchases, therefore you will need to wait until they appear on the shop once more.

  • Hero Stats

    Tapping on the diamond icon on the right side that has a sword on top and a huge number will let you view your hero’s stats such as their Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, etc. The number that has the icon with two swords will represent your current hero’s power, and this page will show you other important information as well such as their current level and EXP.

    View stats, Promote, and Level Up
    View stats, Promote, and Level Up

    If you look at the lower right, you will have the capability of leveling your hero as well as promoting them. Eventually, once you have maxed out their level, you will want to increase their level cap. Promoting a hero will increase their star rating, get better stats, and have a higher level that you can attain.

    You can increase your hero’s level by letting them complete world map stages, you can also provide them with Elixirs that provide EXP through the level up button. Promoting on the other hand will require material and gold.


    Tapping in the icons below the stats will provide you with a hero’s list of skills. Thankfully, each hero has 5 available skills in order to make their gameplay simple. You won’t have to worry of managing different kinds of skills and trees. There are two types of skills that are available in this game:

  • Active skills: These are the skills that you use in battle, and there are three available. One of these skills are called Burst Skills which is their strongest attack.
  • Passive skills: These are skills that provide bonuses to your hero such as increased stats.

    Check each skill to view their effects
    Check each skill to view their effects

    Tapping on each skill will let you view their descriptions as well. From the skill interface, you have the option to upgrade your skills by random or by selecting a specific skill and it will cost you materials. Each skill has a max level, and you’ll be able to check this from their description

  • Equipment

    In order to increase your hero’s power, you will be providing them with equipment as well. Leveling can increase their stats up to a certain number only, so you will need to provide them with different sets of items available in order to boost their stats for battle.

    In Lord of Heroes, there are 6 equipment types that are available, and some of them have set-effects. Thankfully, a lot of set effects can stack, and you’ll be able to view these on the left-hand side. If you want to reach end-game content, your goal is to provide your heroes with 5-6 Star equipment.

    Check each equipment piece to see its stats, you can upgrade or dismantle them as well
    Check each equipment piece to see its stats, you can upgrade or dismantle them as well

    Tapping on each equipment will let you upgrade them for better stats. Upgrades will cost you gold, and as the level increases it might have higher chances of failure so keep that in mind. This will end up using your gold, but you won’t lose your equipment thankfully. You can use the Consecutive feature if you wish to try and max out an equipment’s upgrade level.


    Aside from leveling and promoting your heroes, you can ascend them by tapping on their role icon on the lower right side from the screen. Upon checking, you’ll be able to ascend your hero up to two times. Ascending a hero will increase their stats and provide them with a new look for your character.

    Provide new looks and increased stats through Ascension
    Provide new looks and increased stats through Ascension

    Once you have done the ascension, the stat increases that you’ll be gaining are permanent for your character. The looks of your character can be changed back if you wish since ascension will unlock outfits for you.

    Outfit and Accessories

    Each hero can have changes to their appearance in the game since they can wear outfits and accessories. By tapping on the clothes hanger icon, you can open the Outfits and Accessories section. Some of the outfits in the game can be acquired by ascending your hero, and some will require you to purchase them from the Boutique. Accessories are items you can equip in order to get small boosts for your hero and you can get this from the shop.

    Modify your Hero's look once you have unlocked their outfits
    Modify your Hero's look once you have unlocked their outfits

    Another feature from this area is for you to view their animation by tapping on the Recruit button. This will provide you a replay where this hero is recruited to your team, it’s useful in case you missed it by chance.

    There are a lot of features you’ll find in the Citadel as well, so make sure to use those when you can. This concludes our pages regarding the Heroes menu in the game. Hopefully it has helped you learn more about each function that’s available.

    This concludes our page to the Heroes section in Lord of Heroes. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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