Hello Stars

Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Hello Stars Guide

Level 41

Chapter 5
note: In this new chapter, the game introduces new dynamic elements such as the see-saw bar, and the effect/weigh of objects. Create a circle and be critical with the height from where it falls, and you can basically make as simple catapult that will throw the ball to Mr. Stickman.

Level 42

Chapter 5
note: In this level, you simply have to create a barricade and direct the path of the ball towards the target. Just make sure you secure the footing of your line barricade or it will just slide -- be cautious how long you draw too as you might exhaust the limit towards getting the 3-star rating.

Level 43

Chapter 5
note: Another dynamic element is introduced in this level - a "C" shaped object which you can apply physics on. Dot-drop on the lower lip of the "C" shaped object as shown on the image to put weight and get it to start turning to the right. It will automatically dispense the ball and just wait for it until it reaches the target.

Level 44

Chapter 5
note: Create a simple ledge like on the image above to stop the ball from overshooting to the right side of the screen. Direct the path of the ball by creating a slope as seen on the image. Finally, be cautious about the volume of ink you use in drawing the line to earn 3-star rating (at least 69% left).

Level 45

Chapter 5
note: Without the guide image above, this level is actually pretty hard to solve without a hint. To get the bigger circle out of the way, simply make a ramp that will segregate the two for their size -- which is what we did on the given challenge. This way, the ramp will let the bigger ball pass through, and the smaller ball to fall down. To get them moving, simply drop a dot on the smaller ball.

Level 46

Chapter 5
note: Another new element is introduced in this level - a moving platform (the yellow colored one). To solve this, you'll simply have to dot drop on the ball, and time your drops. First drop is when the yellow platform is all the way down. Dot drop on the ball to get it moving to the left so that it will be carried by the yellow platform when it goes up. As it reaches past the shelf, dot-drop again on the ball to get it moving towards the right this time and have it fall on the shelf. As it rolls, it will eventually fall on Mr. Stickman.

Level 47

Chapter 5
note: Another challenge that showcases the see-saw element and effects of putting a counter-weight. Draw a circle and have it drop on the opposite side of the platform to move the opposite side towards the target.

Level 48

Chapter 5
note: This level is pretty much the same as the previous one. Simply do it the opposite way. Draw a circle on the left side of the see-saw to catapult the ball.

Level 49

Chapter 5
note: This level showcases the same elements but introduces them as a different challenge. The see-saw this time is used to block the path of the ball. Draw a counterweight on the see saw to prevent it from blocking the path of the ball.

Level 50

Chapter 5
note: Pretty much similar as that of the previous level. Put the counterweight on the see-saw to open the ball's path, and then drop a dot to move the ball.

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