Hello Stars

Chapter 2
Hello Stars Guide

Chapter 2

Level 11

Guide Image

note: Create the arch as shown on the image above to put momentum on the ball and have it move towards Mr. Stickman.

Level 12

Guide Image

note: Create a polygon as shown on the image above to have the free falling ball directed towards Mr. Stickman.

Level 13

Guide Image

note: To seamlessly reach Mr. Stickman, we used an arch to skip on the boxes as shown on the image above.

Level 14

Guide Image

note: Before the ball falls, make a slide-like polygon and be sure to secure its footing. If not, it might drop at a steeper angle which would in most cases get the ball stuck.

Level 15

Guide Image

note: Make a pointy bump as shown on the image above. Do this prior to creating the momentum on the ball (dot-dropping) to stop it from going all the way to right part of the screen. It will also direct it towards Mr. Stickman.

Level 16

Guide Image

note: Given the inclined shape of the car's hood, simply pushing the ball will have it going towards the front of the car instead of Mr. Stickman. To reach your target, simply make a line from the truck going towards Mr. Stickman as shown on the image above

Level 17

Guide Image

note: A simple sharp ledge can most of the times get your ball going far off-course. To help correct its path, you'll sometimes have to put slides like the one on the image above.

Level 18

Guide Image

note: You can actually solve this puzzle two basic ways. If you choose to have the ball going to the left, simply mirror the directions as shown on the image above. The slide is erected that way to help stop the ball from over-shooting on the edge of the screen. Use a dot-drop to get the ball moving.

Level 19

Guide Image

note: Creating slides like this one is pretty much done in a lot of levels in the game. Create a polygon as shown on the image above -- prior to dropping a dot on the ball to get it moving.

Level 20

Guide Image

note: This is very similar to the previous level only the direction of the slide is shifted towards the other direction. Also, the ball will free fall as soon as you are done drawing the polygon.

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