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Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips
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1. Experiment - see the extent and effects of changing the shape of the line or your polygon. Having arches will create momentum on the ball when it is hit on a certain level. The difference in drop height also has a critical effect on pertaining force. Try to see how each of effect would benefit you in different instances and simply retry the game by clicking the reset button.

2. Watch Ads - it might take a few minutes of your time, but watching ads will generally give you free coins which can help you skip difficult levels of the game. At least if you don't plan on checking out the cheat sheet that we will provide in this guide..

3. Check other player videos - when you perfected any given level, you'll have the option to see other creative solutions made by other players of the game - for that particular level. You should take the time to see how they tackle the problem as it can give you ideas on how to use them for other instances later on in the game.

4. Get you A-game ready when Chest is around - a treasure chest randomly appears in the levels when playing the game. You can actually restart the level several times and wait for it to pop up before trying to play and solve the actual challenge. When you successfully conquer the given challenge (when the chest is around), you'll be given a bonus reward.

5. Avoid complex ideas - in most instances, the game promotes thinking outside the box. However, you should always go for the simplest ideas to tackle the problem. If new mechanics are introduced, it usually tricks you into thinking that the concluding levels would require you to prepare for similar challenges -- where in fact you can still solve a puzzle a simpler way.

6. You can always restart - If you have an idea, do not try to overthink about it. Simply put it to the test and adjust towards the basic idea to work your way around the puzzle. If it fails, there is always the restart button to get you starting from scratch. Use it freely!

7. Use hints - do not be afraid to use hints if you are stuck in a level. Most of the time, the game will shift into patterns of puzzles. In most cases, you'll have to deal with a new type of dilemma - which can only be solved by viewing an example how to deal with it. This is the best time to use those coins you are trying hard to collect. Don't be afraid to use it as you'd learn much from example.

8. Use a dot to move the ball - If you are trying to save ink, you can simply click the screen to create a dot -- whenever you need to put momentum on the ball. Doing so will not consume much ink and will nonetheless get the ball moving towards a certain direction. If you get good at this, you can actually create more momentum by dropping more dots as the balls is already moving.

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