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Getting Started
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As soon as you start the game, it will help you understand the basic mechanics through its interactive tutorials. It will introduce you to the basic inputs you'll have to do in order to earn a response from the game environment. For instance, it will show you in the first level how simple lines affect the ball. Basically, everything is given weight in the game - and as soon as you finish on drawing a line or polygon, it will drop to bottom of the screen like there's a gravitational pull from there.

Getting Started
The objective is to hit a particular subject which in this case, the man dancing on top of the speakers. Drawing the quarter arch like shown on the tutorial will create a momentum on the ball as soon at is touches it, and directs it to move towards the direction of the dancing man. This in return, will give you an idea how physics work on the game environment. Through the course of the first few levels, you'll see the man with unique challenges every after 5 stages in the game. On the concluding levels in between, what you'll have to hit is the star instead as shown on the image below.

Getting Started
Each level is also given a rating depending on how well you did on the given puzzle. The simplest rule of thumb in order to hit the 3-star rating is to make sure you do not use more than 31% of line allowance (the green indicator on top of the screen) -- which means the value of the gauge must not drop below 69%. There are instances too where other limiting factors are introduced like having to draw a single line, or some additional handicaps.

Getting a perfect rating will not only reward you with more coins, but it will also enable you to view creative solutions from other players on how to solve the given level. The game is also comprised of several chapters - each one with 10 levels each. In most cases, every 10 levels, a new mechanic is introduced to you which heightens the difficulty of the game.

Getting Started
There are occasions too where you see random treasure chests in the given levels. What this does is give you an extra bonus after completing the given challenge. When done, you'll have the option to "Open" the chest instead prior to continuing with the next level. You'll also be introduced with the personalization options of the game where you basically get to change the sprite of the ball, or change the background.

You might also experience some other bonus games where you typically gamble your coins to earn the chance to get amazing rewards (ball sprite, line color, or background, or double existing coins). Be cautious though as you wouldn't want to overspend with coins as they are primarily used to purchase hints in the game whenever you are stuck with a puzzle. Nonetheless, for that matter, you can always check the cheat sheet we'll provide in this guide to especially solve the most difficult levels of the game.

Getting Started
Lastly, note that there is one in-app purchase that you can do in the game - which is to remove the ads and increase the percentage of reward every after successful level by 500%. This is advertised by the game every after few levels, and is priced at $4.99.

Getting Started

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