Hello Stars

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Hello Stars Guide

Level 31

Chapter 4
note: The ball will automatically free fall as soon as you finish drawing the line. Make a ramp on the ground similar to the one that is shown on the image above.

Level 32

Chapter 4
note: To avoid the ball overshooting on the right and to boost its acceleration, simply make a slide like the one on the image above to control its direction. The dot is marked in the image too -- to show that the ball actually starts from there. Create momentum through dot-dropping method.

Level 33

Chapter 4
note: In this level, you'll basically prevent the ball from overshooting on the left edge of the puzzle. Create a similar ramp as shown on the image above -- before you give a dot-drop starter on the ball.

Level 34

Chapter 4
note: Creating the ramp in the image above helped you achieve two things; prevent the ball from falling directly on the ground, and directing its path to Mr. Stickman. Also, use the dot-drop method to give your ball a bit of a push.

Level 35

Chapter 4
note: The challenge is pretty similar to the previous two levels. You must create these two small ramps to prevent the ball from overshooting in the wrong direction. Give it a starting push with the dot-drop method.

Level 36

Chapter 4
note: A similar challenge to that of the 31st level. Simply put a ramp starting from the direction of the fall -- up until you reach the couple stickman figures.

Level 37

Chapter 4
note: You really don't have to overthink about this one. Simply give it a small push with the dot-drop method and it will reach Mr. Stickman without a fuss.

Level 38

Chapter 4
note: Similar to the previous challenges, prevent the ball from dropping all the way to the ground. Create a ramp similar as that of the image above to direct its path towards your target. Use dot-drop method to give the ball a bit of a push.

Level 39

Chapter 4
note: This is pretty simple - imagine the other objects as a diversion. In most instances, you'll see clutter in the puzzle -- thinking that they are significant variables to get to the solution, but in reality, they usually are not. Copy the line as shown on the image to prevent the ball from dropping all the way to the ground and direct is path to Mr. Stickman. Use dot-drop method to give the ball a push.

Level 40

Chapter 4
note: When you start this stage, it will be a bit confusing and hard to figure out as the stuff to build your line (or attached it with) is pretty limited. Wrap around the line on the diamond shape on top to give it something to cling on and make a ramp going to the direction of Mr. Stickman. If the wrap around is loose, the whole thing will just swing towards the right. Make sure it wraps closely to the diamond.

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