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1. Used Line Indicator - indicates the amount of line / ink you've used. To get a 3-star rating, apart from completing the given task, you must not use more than 31% of the allowed line / ink. Otherwise, you'll only get 2-star rating. This is part from the other requirements or handicaps thrown by the game.

2. Coins - rewarded usually after completing a level or after watching some ads. Alternatively, you can gamble coins on the short games every after few levels. The main purpose of the coins is to purchase hints. Additionally,you can use them to purchase sprites for the ball, some other line color, or customized screen background.

3. Record Gameplay - record your game and share it to the playing community. The best and most creative solutions are voted by the players and will be displayed among the top choices after completing a given level.

4. Personalization Options - choose among ball sprites, line color, and even screen background. each of which can be purchased using coins.

5. Hint - clicking on it will automatically perform the optimal way to solve the given puzzle. A hint cost 200 coins.

6. Restart - clicking the button will restart the level from scratch.

7. Draw Space - this is where you actually play or draw lines to solve the given puzzles.

8. Additional Level Mechanic - some advance stages in the game has special trigger buttons like this. In the example on the image above, when your ball hits the trigger, the gravity will be reversed making the ball and your line float instead of dropping towards the bottom.

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